Friday, December 7, 2012

Tutorial - DIY Galaxy shorts

Hey there! 
Today I want to show the method to make your own galaxy shorts! :D (Or any other galaxy themed piece of clothing).

By the time I left Denmark, the galaxy themed clothes had become the hottest trend!
Everyone loved this unique print and they would all be gawking every time you showed up in a new piece of galaxy clothing. 
For homecoming, our theme was "Out of This World" which inspired me to make my own galaxy themed dress (see pictures below) - Later on, when I posted my pictures on Facebook, I realized that I should do a tutorial. So here we go! :D

Here's what you'll need:
A toothbrush, superglue (or at least some kind of glue that works on fabric), makeup sponges, fabric paint, rhinestones, and of course - black shorts! 
If you want, you can google galaxies to find something to paint from. I used this photo for my dress~ 

Anyways, let's get started!
Step 1.
You want to find a place where you can spread out the fabric - Preferably some carton, a rug, or just something that won't be ruined by the paint. Because trust me, this will get messy.
Also, you don't necessarily need shorts; I'm just showing you the method. Pick whatever type of clothe you want to paint on. 
My shorts had some kind of print on them already which I just covered with a black sharpie~   

Step 2.
The first thing you want to do is to add some white colour on the area where you want to place your galaxies. The white colour makes the other colours (that we will use later) appear brighter and creates a "glowing" effect. 
Take your sponge, add some white paint, and "dap" parts of the shorts. You can spread out the white colour as you please, you don't have to worry much about it looking "nice".
(My phone was freaking out when I took some of the pictures -That's why some of them appear lighter).

Step 3.
Grab a new sponge and mix some blue and white paint to get that light blue colour. Dap onto the white area that you just created to make it appear more glowing. Make sure not to cover the white completely - You want to leave some of it back. My light blue was a little too light so I did two layers.

Step 4.
Remember, the trick about this is to work on layers :)
Now it's time for the dark blue! Once again you should find a new sponge. Dap the blue paint inside the light blue area to create dept and to get that effect of empty space.
Wait a few minutes for it to dry and add some purple spots - Not too many! Make sure that these spots are inside the blue area. 

Step 5.
Time for the stars!
Fortunately my white paint had a long thin end that made me able to add dots directly onto my shorts. If you're not as lucky, you can use a thin pencil brush or maybe dip a pencil into the paint, whereafter you can dip that onto the shorts. 
Remember that these dots should be randomly placed and try to make them different sized. You can add a few dots on the areas without paint but try to focus on the galaxies.  

Step 6.
This step is optional. Grab your toothbrush (Not one that you plan to use again) and put on some white paint on top of it. Rub the toothbrush against your fingers (as shown in the picture) and you should soon have a bunch of little tiny stars.. as if you just sprayed them on :) 

Step 7.
Finish off with some rhinestones! Find your glue and stick them on quickly! You may want to put a small plastic bag inside the shorts to make sure that you won't glue the fabric together. (That would make the shorts pretty hard to wear). 

How to make a galaxy:
As a little bonus I will now show you the technique of making a spiral galaxy. 
Start by making a couple of elongated circles - using the blue paint. These are kinds of dust rings.. or gas rings and they create a really nice effect. Also, you can be messy with this if you want, don't make them too perfect. 

I lost the pictures for this step but after the dark rings, you should mix some blue and some white to make a lighter blue. "Dap" the light blue on parts of the rings and try to add a little bit of white on top on it.

Add more light blue and white to saturate the colours and build up a purple gradient in the middle. Make sure that the purple is dry and add some white on top of it (just in the middle).
Take your white paint and make several different sized dots around these rings. Focus on the outer rings and don't get them too close to the purple. 

Again you can add some rhinestones as stars. I really like this glittery star effect they add. Wait for it to dry and you're done! :P

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and probably tried it yourself :)
Good luck and have fun!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Health Tip - Stop the cough!

Just stopping by to give a quick Health tip!

A lot of people are sick these days - Including my friends and I.
I've been coughing for 10 days or so and it won't seem to go away. Luckily I got a tip today that I now will share with you guys.

Honey covers your dry throat and soothes - This substitutes the "natural" slime you would usually have in your throat and helps avoid irritation. Also, honey is rich in infection-fighting antioxidants (Little things inside you that are good for your cells. These can also be found in Vitamin A, C, and E).

So before you go to sleep tonight, you can take 2 teaspoons of honey to soothe your throat and help you get the rest you need :) It's just honey.. giving it a try won't hurt you, right?

Also, if you're at home, you can take up to 3 teaspoons of honey every 2-3 hours - Depending on how much you need.
(Do not give this to children under the age of 1). 

Personally I'm tired of all this coughing so I'm definitely going to try this out tonight!

Good luck and get well soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauty Tip - Toothpaste

Hey there! 
I've been super busy lately and haven't had much time to blog. I will try my best to blog as often as possible but meanwhile... please be patient.

Now to change the subject! 
Today I'm here with a quick beauty advice about... (bam bam baaaaaam) Pimples! 
They're nasty and we all hate them. Most of us has them, some has more than the average person and some are just blessed with naturally perfect skin (I wish).
Since I'm not one of those lucky people and still in my teen years, I do have them. I have tried to get rid of them in many different ways but without luck. Then, some months ago I heard a tip .. a tip that I will share with you today!

What you have to do is to add toothpaste!

Toothpaste? Yes! Toothpaste! 
Toothpaste on pimples is something that some people would call an "old-fashioned" trick but for some people it actually works, including me, so why not try it out?

I gathered a few tips here on how to use this toothpaste method to get the best results:

  • Do it in the evenings: (I do it before bed) It needs time to work and trust me, you do not want to go outside with toothpaste spots on your face.
  • Remove your makeup before you start: You don't want to mix the toothpaste with all of your mascara, lipgloss, and foundation. Besides, it's healthier for your skin if you rinse it off.
  • Rinse your face in warm water: The warm water opens the pores and makes it easier to remove dirt and oil from your face.
  • This is a spot treatment: This means that you should only apply the toothpaste on the actual pimples. Do not add the toothpaste as a mask. 
  • Sensitive skin? My advice is to find other treatments than this.Many toothpastes nowadays are filled with a lot of different ingredients and if your skin is sensitive already it will freak out if you start doing this.
  • Not guaranteed to work: As every other beauty tip it is not guaranteed to work 100%. It did work out for more people than me and that is why I am sharing this tip. Trying it won't hurt you.
  • Olive/Darker skin: If you have olive or darker skin you may want to be careful with this. Darker skin contains more melanin which tends to make your skin more "reactive" to irritating ingredients. 
  • Dark spots/ Dry skin: This goes especially for darker skin types. If you apply this to your normal skin (not pimples) or your skin starts reacting you might end up with darker or red spots - In some cases it may take a while for these to disappear again. Therefore, if your skin starts acting different than usual you should take a break from this. 
So why does toothpaste work?
The toothpaste dries out your pimples and makes them go away quickly (almost from one day to another), however, if you add this to your normal skin it may cause it to dry out - In this case I would recommend a good moisture cream that you can use during day time.

If you have tried this trick out or have any experience with it you are more than welcome to leave a comment and share your thoughts about it.

Good luck and have fun!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nail tutorial - Nail Stickers

Yar matey! Today's post is yet again about nails!

Since tomorrow is the "Speak-like-a-pirate-day" my host mom bought my host sister and I this so I thought.. why not make a tutorial! I've been wanting to try these stickers since the first time I heard of them so here you go! My first experience with nail stickers and a tutorial on how to use them.

I am using "Salon effects" from Sally Hansen :)

The package contains:

A file, a little wooden stick to push back your cuticles (That's the name of the skin form where it looks like your nails grow out), and two small packages with the actual stickers.

A step-by-step instruction paper if my explanation fails.

Base coat doesn't seem super important here. I was wearing mine but I don't think its necessary since these stickers don't really hurt your nails. So.. I think that was it. Let's get started!

Step 1.
The first thing you got to do is open the little packages with the stickers in them. 
There will be several different sizes so you just have to find the five ones that fit your nails best. 
The packages got little silver stickers on the back of them. You can grab the corners and just peel these off.

Step 2.
When you have chosen which stickers to use its time to get the film off of them. You do this by pulling off the silver/blue stickers that says: "Peel off". Simple :)

Step 3.
When the film is off you have to remove the backing paper too. Do this by grabbing the silver part and gently peel the sticker off. 

Step 4.
grab the sticker by the sides and put on your nails. It isn't exactly sticky so you can grab them by the middle to gain more control.

Step 5.
Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles and make it stick to your nails.

Step 6.
This is more of an optional step but you can use the white side of the file to press at the sides of your nails to make sure the stickers .. stick.

Step 7.
Again you have to use the file at the end of your nails to smoothly cut off the unwanted pieces of stickers left on your nails.

And you're done! Here's the final result :)
(Oh and the best thing is.. no dry time!)

Good luck and have fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nail tutorial - Faded Glitter

Once again I will make a post about nails!

Today I will teach you two techniques you can use when making faded glitter nails. I hope you like it :)

We will use these four colours, a base coat, a top coat, and maybe a light rosa (depends on the base coat).

I'm using a metallic silver and a glittery silver polish from Hot Makeup + A silvergrey and a white/transparent polish from Wet n Wild's "Wild Shine".
I used a rosa colour (#101) from L'oréal Paris.

Before starting you should apply a base coat. If your base coat is rosa like mine it's all good. If it is transparent you should consider adding a thin layer of the rosa polish as it will make it harder to see the white part of your nails.
You want your nails to look like this. Notice how the tips of my nails almost blends in with the rosa?

Are you ready? Let's start!

Method 1

Step 1.
We will start out with what I refer to as the "Fairy look" since this is more soft and honestly reminds me of a fairy. (Please don't mind the nail roots - Focus on the glitter!).
Start out by covering the tip of your nail with the silvergrey polish - Just the tip!

Step 2.
When the first layer is dry (Don't worry, these dry fast) add a layer of the white glitter. Start from the tip and work your way up until you have covered half of your nail.

Oh and don't worry about the polish getting too thick, most of it disappears and leaves back the glitter.

Step 3.
The last layer will be the white glitter again. Start from the tip, as in step 2, and work your way up. Cover around 2/3 of your nails. When it's dry you can add a top coat to make everything even and give it more shine. 
And now you're done! This look is super sweet, easy to do, and it works perfectly with every outfit.
Cameras aren't good at capturing this beautiful sparkly effect so try it out! It looks even better in reality :) 

Wasn't that easy? How about we move on to..

Method 2

Step 1.
This look, as I call the "Party look", is way more intense! While the Fairy look fades in more, this will totally stand out. 
Again we want to start off with the tips. I used my metallic silver polish here to cover them. You don't need a straight line here, just make a thin layer. 
The important thing here is that you want the glitter and the first layer here to match in colours. This means you can still choose any colour you want, just make sure the glitter matches. Also, I'd prefer a a shiny/metallic colour since this blends more in with the glitter. 

Step 2.
Now it's time to use the glittery silver polish from Hot Makeup. Start from the tip and work your way up to around 3/5 of the nail. The reason I want to use this polish for the look is that it seems thicker. 
The glitter covers more and this is a plus when you want to hide the colour down under. 
(Did you notice how it looks like it's just a thick layer of glitter? Yeap, that's the effect we're going for!)

Step 3.
Right now your nails go from rosa to BLING but we want it (At least in this tutorial) to blend in more so we will get that faded effect. Therefore we will be adding one last layer - The silvergrey from Wet n Wild.
Cover 4/5 of the nail in this from... you guessed it, the tip!

Finish with a top coat to make it more even and add shine and then you're done!

Let's compare once again shall we?
(NOTE: The two last pictures were taken before I added the last layer to the nail to the left. That's why they look a bit different).

Remember that you can use ANY colour you want here, I just chose silver/grey/white because it's neutral.
So go ahead and try this out! I'd love to hear your feedback and if you got any questions you're always welcome to ask.
Good luck and have fun!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Nail tutorial - Stars & Stripes

Hello there :D 
Today's post will be about...  nails!
I'm starting out slowly with a few posts here and then but I hope you will come back later :)

These nails might look hard to do but your eyes are fooling you! All you got to do is follow my 
6-steps-guide and you will have these nails in no time! 

Let's get started! 
Step 1.
Wash yours hands and clean your nails from any leftovers there might have been. File your nails of necessary. (The reason mine looks a little bit weird here is because the skin under my nails was still wet).

Step 2.
Since most red nail polishes (and especially mine) will discolor your nails I strongly suggest that you add a layer of base coat first. This will protect the nails and also make the nail surface smoother so it will be easier to apply the other layers.  

Step 3.
Now it's time to find the red colour! If you don't have a blood-red-one like mine you can also use a darker shade of red. Note that the red layer should not be too thick as we still have to add some other colours. If the red colour gets on your hand; leave it. We will clean them later.

Step 4.
Now it's time for the tape-trick! Think of your nails like a square. Part your nails into two equal parts; Top and bottom. When you're satisfied with the result you have to repeat the trick, but this time you have to do it vertical so yo will have just a quarter back of your nail. Find a blue colour (preferably not a too shimmery one like mine) and at a layer or two. The needed amount depends on how thick the blue polish is.

Step 5.
Peel off the tape when the blue polish is dry and wait a few seconds. If the lines are not all straight you still have time to "push it" back with the tip of you nails. The two last steps are the most difficult - You will need something thin and pointy like a striper, a toothpick, a hairpin etc.  
What is a striper you may ask? These are like normal nail polishes but the brush is more of a long stick. I got mine pretty cheap and you can usually find them in most beauty shops. 

Step 6.
Time for the dots! Use your striper (or pointy stick) to make little dots. I don't know if all stripers are like mine but make sure they're completely dry and then add a topcoat if you have one. The top coat will make the surface more even and add shine. Not just does it make your nails look better but i also protects the polish and make it stay on for a longer time. And now you're done! Good luck!

NOTE: If you tried this out you'll be welcome to send me a picture or a link, just write in the comments. I'd love to see how yours turned out :)!
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