Friday, August 24, 2012

Nail tutorial - Stars & Stripes

Hello there :D 
Today's post will be about...  nails!
I'm starting out slowly with a few posts here and then but I hope you will come back later :)

These nails might look hard to do but your eyes are fooling you! All you got to do is follow my 
6-steps-guide and you will have these nails in no time! 

Let's get started! 
Step 1.
Wash yours hands and clean your nails from any leftovers there might have been. File your nails of necessary. (The reason mine looks a little bit weird here is because the skin under my nails was still wet).

Step 2.
Since most red nail polishes (and especially mine) will discolor your nails I strongly suggest that you add a layer of base coat first. This will protect the nails and also make the nail surface smoother so it will be easier to apply the other layers.  

Step 3.
Now it's time to find the red colour! If you don't have a blood-red-one like mine you can also use a darker shade of red. Note that the red layer should not be too thick as we still have to add some other colours. If the red colour gets on your hand; leave it. We will clean them later.

Step 4.
Now it's time for the tape-trick! Think of your nails like a square. Part your nails into two equal parts; Top and bottom. When you're satisfied with the result you have to repeat the trick, but this time you have to do it vertical so yo will have just a quarter back of your nail. Find a blue colour (preferably not a too shimmery one like mine) and at a layer or two. The needed amount depends on how thick the blue polish is.

Step 5.
Peel off the tape when the blue polish is dry and wait a few seconds. If the lines are not all straight you still have time to "push it" back with the tip of you nails. The two last steps are the most difficult - You will need something thin and pointy like a striper, a toothpick, a hairpin etc.  
What is a striper you may ask? These are like normal nail polishes but the brush is more of a long stick. I got mine pretty cheap and you can usually find them in most beauty shops. 

Step 6.
Time for the dots! Use your striper (or pointy stick) to make little dots. I don't know if all stripers are like mine but make sure they're completely dry and then add a topcoat if you have one. The top coat will make the surface more even and add shine. Not just does it make your nails look better but i also protects the polish and make it stay on for a longer time. And now you're done! Good luck!

NOTE: If you tried this out you'll be welcome to send me a picture or a link, just write in the comments. I'd love to see how yours turned out :)!


  1. Kære! De er mega awesome:D
    - men hvordan bliver jeg fast læser af deres blog?

  2. Og de kan se dem live i aften kære! :3
    Ja jeg fandt lige ud af jeg manglede den knap men det skulle gerne være i orden nu :)


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