Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nail tutorial - Faded Glitter

Once again I will make a post about nails!

Today I will teach you two techniques you can use when making faded glitter nails. I hope you like it :)

We will use these four colours, a base coat, a top coat, and maybe a light rosa (depends on the base coat).

I'm using a metallic silver and a glittery silver polish from Hot Makeup + A silvergrey and a white/transparent polish from Wet n Wild's "Wild Shine".
I used a rosa colour (#101) from L'oréal Paris.

Before starting you should apply a base coat. If your base coat is rosa like mine it's all good. If it is transparent you should consider adding a thin layer of the rosa polish as it will make it harder to see the white part of your nails.
You want your nails to look like this. Notice how the tips of my nails almost blends in with the rosa?

Are you ready? Let's start!

Method 1

Step 1.
We will start out with what I refer to as the "Fairy look" since this is more soft and honestly reminds me of a fairy. (Please don't mind the nail roots - Focus on the glitter!).
Start out by covering the tip of your nail with the silvergrey polish - Just the tip!

Step 2.
When the first layer is dry (Don't worry, these dry fast) add a layer of the white glitter. Start from the tip and work your way up until you have covered half of your nail.

Oh and don't worry about the polish getting too thick, most of it disappears and leaves back the glitter.

Step 3.
The last layer will be the white glitter again. Start from the tip, as in step 2, and work your way up. Cover around 2/3 of your nails. When it's dry you can add a top coat to make everything even and give it more shine. 
And now you're done! This look is super sweet, easy to do, and it works perfectly with every outfit.
Cameras aren't good at capturing this beautiful sparkly effect so try it out! It looks even better in reality :) 

Wasn't that easy? How about we move on to..

Method 2

Step 1.
This look, as I call the "Party look", is way more intense! While the Fairy look fades in more, this will totally stand out. 
Again we want to start off with the tips. I used my metallic silver polish here to cover them. You don't need a straight line here, just make a thin layer. 
The important thing here is that you want the glitter and the first layer here to match in colours. This means you can still choose any colour you want, just make sure the glitter matches. Also, I'd prefer a a shiny/metallic colour since this blends more in with the glitter. 

Step 2.
Now it's time to use the glittery silver polish from Hot Makeup. Start from the tip and work your way up to around 3/5 of the nail. The reason I want to use this polish for the look is that it seems thicker. 
The glitter covers more and this is a plus when you want to hide the colour down under. 
(Did you notice how it looks like it's just a thick layer of glitter? Yeap, that's the effect we're going for!)

Step 3.
Right now your nails go from rosa to BLING but we want it (At least in this tutorial) to blend in more so we will get that faded effect. Therefore we will be adding one last layer - The silvergrey from Wet n Wild.
Cover 4/5 of the nail in this from... you guessed it, the tip!

Finish with a top coat to make it more even and add shine and then you're done!

Let's compare once again shall we?
(NOTE: The two last pictures were taken before I added the last layer to the nail to the left. That's why they look a bit different).

Remember that you can use ANY colour you want here, I just chose silver/grey/white because it's neutral.
So go ahead and try this out! I'd love to hear your feedback and if you got any questions you're always welcome to ask.
Good luck and have fun!

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