Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nail tutorial - Nail Stickers

Yar matey! Today's post is yet again about nails!

Since tomorrow is the "Speak-like-a-pirate-day" my host mom bought my host sister and I this so I thought.. why not make a tutorial! I've been wanting to try these stickers since the first time I heard of them so here you go! My first experience with nail stickers and a tutorial on how to use them.

I am using "Salon effects" from Sally Hansen :)

The package contains:

A file, a little wooden stick to push back your cuticles (That's the name of the skin form where it looks like your nails grow out), and two small packages with the actual stickers.

A step-by-step instruction paper if my explanation fails.

Base coat doesn't seem super important here. I was wearing mine but I don't think its necessary since these stickers don't really hurt your nails. So.. I think that was it. Let's get started!

Step 1.
The first thing you got to do is open the little packages with the stickers in them. 
There will be several different sizes so you just have to find the five ones that fit your nails best. 
The packages got little silver stickers on the back of them. You can grab the corners and just peel these off.

Step 2.
When you have chosen which stickers to use its time to get the film off of them. You do this by pulling off the silver/blue stickers that says: "Peel off". Simple :)

Step 3.
When the film is off you have to remove the backing paper too. Do this by grabbing the silver part and gently peel the sticker off. 

Step 4.
grab the sticker by the sides and put on your nails. It isn't exactly sticky so you can grab them by the middle to gain more control.

Step 5.
Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles and make it stick to your nails.

Step 6.
This is more of an optional step but you can use the white side of the file to press at the sides of your nails to make sure the stickers .. stick.

Step 7.
Again you have to use the file at the end of your nails to smoothly cut off the unwanted pieces of stickers left on your nails.

And you're done! Here's the final result :)
(Oh and the best thing is.. no dry time!)

Good luck and have fun!

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