Friday, December 7, 2012

Tutorial - DIY Galaxy shorts

Hey there! 
Today I want to show the method to make your own galaxy shorts! :D (Or any other galaxy themed piece of clothing).

By the time I left Denmark, the galaxy themed clothes had become the hottest trend!
Everyone loved this unique print and they would all be gawking every time you showed up in a new piece of galaxy clothing. 
For homecoming, our theme was "Out of This World" which inspired me to make my own galaxy themed dress (see pictures below) - Later on, when I posted my pictures on Facebook, I realized that I should do a tutorial. So here we go! :D

Here's what you'll need:
A toothbrush, superglue (or at least some kind of glue that works on fabric), makeup sponges, fabric paint, rhinestones, and of course - black shorts! 
If you want, you can google galaxies to find something to paint from. I used this photo for my dress~ 

Anyways, let's get started!
Step 1.
You want to find a place where you can spread out the fabric - Preferably some carton, a rug, or just something that won't be ruined by the paint. Because trust me, this will get messy.
Also, you don't necessarily need shorts; I'm just showing you the method. Pick whatever type of clothe you want to paint on. 
My shorts had some kind of print on them already which I just covered with a black sharpie~   

Step 2.
The first thing you want to do is to add some white colour on the area where you want to place your galaxies. The white colour makes the other colours (that we will use later) appear brighter and creates a "glowing" effect. 
Take your sponge, add some white paint, and "dap" parts of the shorts. You can spread out the white colour as you please, you don't have to worry much about it looking "nice".
(My phone was freaking out when I took some of the pictures -That's why some of them appear lighter).

Step 3.
Grab a new sponge and mix some blue and white paint to get that light blue colour. Dap onto the white area that you just created to make it appear more glowing. Make sure not to cover the white completely - You want to leave some of it back. My light blue was a little too light so I did two layers.

Step 4.
Remember, the trick about this is to work on layers :)
Now it's time for the dark blue! Once again you should find a new sponge. Dap the blue paint inside the light blue area to create dept and to get that effect of empty space.
Wait a few minutes for it to dry and add some purple spots - Not too many! Make sure that these spots are inside the blue area. 

Step 5.
Time for the stars!
Fortunately my white paint had a long thin end that made me able to add dots directly onto my shorts. If you're not as lucky, you can use a thin pencil brush or maybe dip a pencil into the paint, whereafter you can dip that onto the shorts. 
Remember that these dots should be randomly placed and try to make them different sized. You can add a few dots on the areas without paint but try to focus on the galaxies.  

Step 6.
This step is optional. Grab your toothbrush (Not one that you plan to use again) and put on some white paint on top of it. Rub the toothbrush against your fingers (as shown in the picture) and you should soon have a bunch of little tiny stars.. as if you just sprayed them on :) 

Step 7.
Finish off with some rhinestones! Find your glue and stick them on quickly! You may want to put a small plastic bag inside the shorts to make sure that you won't glue the fabric together. (That would make the shorts pretty hard to wear). 

How to make a galaxy:
As a little bonus I will now show you the technique of making a spiral galaxy. 
Start by making a couple of elongated circles - using the blue paint. These are kinds of dust rings.. or gas rings and they create a really nice effect. Also, you can be messy with this if you want, don't make them too perfect. 

I lost the pictures for this step but after the dark rings, you should mix some blue and some white to make a lighter blue. "Dap" the light blue on parts of the rings and try to add a little bit of white on top on it.

Add more light blue and white to saturate the colours and build up a purple gradient in the middle. Make sure that the purple is dry and add some white on top of it (just in the middle).
Take your white paint and make several different sized dots around these rings. Focus on the outer rings and don't get them too close to the purple. 

Again you can add some rhinestones as stars. I really like this glittery star effect they add. Wait for it to dry and you're done! :P

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and probably tried it yourself :)
Good luck and have fun!



  1. Heyy ! i absolutely love this method instead of using bleach like i have seen in other tutorials. But i just have one question: is the fabric paint able to be removed by washing or is it permanent?

    1. Hey there!
      Sorry for the late reply. Me too, I feel like bleaching sometimes make the fabric miscoloured so I just prefer to paint it on instead. That way I have more control too.
      Yes, as long as you make sure to use fabric paint it should stay :) There is a chance it will fade after some time depending on the quality of paint you buy.
      Have a great day!
      Lucy <3


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