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[Review] - Super Pinky Violet Lenses

Hey girls! (and guys?)

I do realize that it's been pretty much FOR-E-VER since I last posted on my beauty blog. This is due to my exchange year and all the stuff I had to do when I first came home. Anywho, I apologize. I promise it won't be that long until my next beauty entry.  

Let's get to business!
Today I'm going to be doing a review
A review of my (new) Super Pinky Violet lenses!

The reason that I put 'new' in between these ( ) is that they are not completely new anymore. I bought these lenses in April but never really got to use them before now.

Even though I'd LOVE to be able to review products for companies, the truth is that my blog is just not that popular yet (and hey.. we all have to start somewhere, right?) but I'm positive that it one day will be! 
Therefore, this post is purely for fun and practice.

Back in April, my hostsister and I decided to be courageous and order our first pairs of lenses! 
As I'm a big fan of Xiaxue and have read good reviews from her, I decided to use get my lenses from one of the same websites that she uses. Honeycolor!

Now let's begin!
Natural colour
Just so you can see how much they enlarge my eyes :)
(The colour pretty much stays the same; however, if you take a picture using flash, it won't blend as well and the colour will be a bit darker).
With makeup
Because I think lenses with this colour suits makeup better than bare eyes.

Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Content: 45%
Base curve: 8.6 mmLife Span: 1 year

At the point of ordering, I was still in California (I guess it will actually make a difference where my location is), and I ordered US Express shipping. It was meant to show up in 3-5 workdays. I ordered on a Sunday and it came to my house Thursday so no complains here at all.
Also, the actual lenses came in two little bottles inside this small yellow box. 
On the backside, there were instructions on how to insert the lens in case of any confusion
Adorable little bottles! I've kept them as souvenirs~ 
If you're like me and either need glasses or lenses, don't worry! If you know your prescription you can just order your lenses with that and *poof!* perfect vision and perfect dolly eyes :)
HoneyColor also sent me this free animal case to store my lenses in when I'm not using them. They come in  different colours (pink, orange, green, purple, blue, and even aqua) and four different animals (balloonfish, elephants, frogs, or little pigs like mine) which will be randomly selected for you :)
for every order you place, they will send you a free lens case!
Daily, I use normal disposable lenses so I was already used to the feeling of 'having something in my eye' but I had heard that circle lenses were very different as they were bigger than normal lenses. 
The first time I used them, I did feel some discomfort but it only lasted the first minute or two after putting them on. I could feel something in my eye but it wasn't bugging me. I just knew there was something there. 
Today when I tried them on again, I felt nothing at all. They are very comfortable! And take that from a person who has never worn large lenses like these before. 
However, they made my eyes feel a little dry once in a while so I carried a bottle of  'Clear Eyes' around with me.

The largest diameter you can buy circle lenses with is 15.0 mm, mine are, however, the next step down, 14.8 mm. 
The limbal ring is really not that over-done as I see in many lenses (and usually this make them appear even bigger), but I still think mine make my eyes look really big. They're clearly much larger than my normal eyes, and I'm just overally really happy about them. To me they don't look like 14.8 but the 15.0 ones you can get. Great!

When I first typed in "purple lenses" in the search bar, I was hoping to find a very light pastel purple. After seeing a bunch of almost mid/rather dark purple, I thought that my wish was impossible to fulfill until I then found these Super Pinky! I looked at the picture, then on pictures of Google, then on Youtube reviews, and finally on my own eyes. The colour is PERFECT! The cutest pastel purple I have ever seen on lenses. You can trust the colour shown on their website 100%. 
The little scattered squares make the design look super cute and with this design, the outer part of it doesn't look too harsh either (sadly, they look harsh on the iris). 
I'm also very happy about the way they cover my own eyes. 
When looking at other lenses and seeing how little part of the lens is actually "coloured", I was surprised to see how well my own eyecolour has been hidden. 

Overall   ☆ (3½ stars)
Although I LOOOOVE these lenses, they won't be for everyday use due to the supernatural colour (In my case). I would love to use them but I think, now that I'm still pretty much a rookie when it comes to having different eyecolours, I want to tone my eyes down a little. 
At parties though, they're amazing!
Also, since this is not a natural colour, I recommend wearing makeup when using them. If not, they could look a little freaky, but hey, the positive?
You can wear ALOT of different makeup with them and even dark makeup will be no problem (even during daytime) because the light design tones it down. 

Other Colours
If you like the lens but don't feel crazy enough to try the purple, this lens can also be found in Red, Wine Red, Hazel, Brown, Green, Blue, and Gray.  

Do you want these lenses too?
I put a link in for you right here so you can also order some (or sneak peak if you prefer)

Got any questions?
Ask me here!



  1. WHOA~ i LOVE that color! lol ive really been looking for pink or violet lens lately :3 just for fun haha! this looks very very pretty on you!

    1. Thank you so much ^o^/

      Yeah so had I! I wish it would be more "socially acceptable"to have violet eyes so I could get to wear this lens more often. And like you, I'd really like a pink lens too! Just for fun~
      I bet it would be beautiful on brown eyes! Do tell me if you get any in this colour :3

  2. I wish you had a picture with both eyes from afar :D btw your natural eye color is stunning!

    1. Ehehe that's so sweet of you ^-^/
      I will remember that next time!
      Thank you for reading my blog <3

  3. I love the color of these lenses cirlce, I will have purchased.
    We follow each other? Thank you! ^///^

    1. Hello dear Yuki~
      I'm very sorry for the late reply! Aaah, Christmas is such a busy time > <
      You definitely should try these lenses out, the colour is brilliant! :)

      I'd love to follow back <3 Thank you for stopping by ^__^

      Lucy Hart <3

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