Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tutorial - Make your silver shine again!

If you're a big fan of jewelry you've probably stumbled upon something like this; 
a pair of silver earrings (it could be bracelets, rings, and necklaces too just to mention a few) that has turned from the pretty light silver to a black smudgy colour.

My little sister gave me these more than a year ago and they have just been laying out, growing really nasty while I was gone. 
I was about to just throw them out until I remembered the trick that I will now share with you.

Today I will show you how to polish silver (and silverware) without moving a muscle!
(Ugh! Gross!)
Step 1.
The first thing you need will be whatever you'll want to be polished. Mine are the earrings shown above.
(This method works on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, candle holders, old silverware, and whatever else you have granted it is made of silver).

Step 2.
Boil some water.
While doing so, find a roll of foil, some salt, and some sort of container that is big enough to have your "subject" in.
(I don't want to call it subject so from now on I'll refer to "it" as earrings". 
Be sure that the container is not made of metal! 

Step 3.
Wrap the bowl/container in foil and double check that the matte side is up. 
Also, don't crumble it up too much! You'll want the earrings to be able to lay down flat on it!

Step 4.
Put some salt in your bowl. The amount will depend on your item. Use more if it's a large piece.
(To make sure that there was enough, I added a pretty nice amount. You can't add too much).

Step 5.
Have your earrings ready, you'll want to do this fast.
When your water is boiled, pour some into bowl and throw (nicely) the earrings into it. 
Make sure it is touching the foil all over. (If it's two-sided you can turn it after a few minutes). 

If you don't see a reaction after 10-20 seconds, add more salt! 

Some people say that you can add baking powder to get more shine; however, the salt worked fine for me. IF you add the baking powder, it will start to bubble and seethe. 
Don't panick! This is normal. 

Step 6.
After a couple of minutes, take the earrings out and rinse them under water. Dry them with a soft cloth. 
And here is the result! Nice huh?
(The foil didn't touch my earrings all over and that's why they're not completely perfect. That's why step 5 is very important!)

Let's make a comparison
Zero to hero, just like that!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that it has saved some of your jewelry too!
If you've got any questions, ask me here

Good luck and have fun!


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