Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Even though the days are getting cooler, I still managed to pull off this outfit the other day when I went to my auntie Kirsten's birthday party.

Today's outfit of the day consists of these two pieces; an over sized lavender shirt and an off-white poofy skirt~

Even though the X pattern on the shirt is white while the skirt if off-white, I don't think it matters as white can really go with everything. 
The shirt is about as long as a normal t-shirt in the front but gets a little longer in the back. 
The skirt can be worn like "normal" skirts but also as a high-waisted piece and that's how I decided to wear mine. It makes your waist look nice and small while your legs will appear long and slender.

It can be worn both as an every day outfit but can definitely also pass as a more formal look. I added the hair-piece, that I bought from H&M about 4 years ago for my confirmation, and look how much of a difference it makes? Not too formal, yet formal enough~ 

I bought both shirt and skirt a little while ago from ginatricot. Even if you might not be able to get exactly this shirt and skirt, you will for sure be able to mix something just as nice. Many of their items are alike so go ahead and take a look at their website

What do you think of this look?
 (╹◡╹) ♥

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