Friday, October 18, 2013

Featured - VIVI clothes

Hello gurlies ^o^!

In my very first "Featured" I want to talk about VIVIclothes!
VIVI clothes is a European (Dutch) online store selling Asian fashioned clothes, shoes, costumes, jewelry, phone cases, lenses, etc. I found their website a while ago, saved it, and then forgot about it until now. I looked it up again and I must say that I am very impressed after having looked through their items! 
A screenshot of their website

The website itself has a very simple layout, making it easy to navigate around. The categories are in the left side and even more options may appear as you hover them.

You can find several widely known brands there including Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Liz Lisa, Candy Stripper, MA*RS, Merci Beaucoup, and more. Oh and they ship internationally(!) + you can pay with your Paypal if you're not too fond of giving out your credit card information :)

Skirts & Costumes ツ
Probably where I spent most time looking around

Also, these two skirts REALLY caught my eyes, I mean look at them! Instant cuteness if worn!
                            Chinese clothing                               &                           Japan Liz Lisa Cute Hime Gyaru Shorts

So far I've only heard good about so they are definitely worth checking out! 
Have you yourself bought from there? What did you get?
Which is your favorite? :)
Do share with your fellow girls! ^o^/ 

P.S. Look for their new items launched this October!
P.S.S They are having a sale with up to 70% off on selected items

~Lucy Hart~


  1. omg so perfect! *___* I really want to shop there wuhoo! Thank you SO much for sharing! ♥

    1. Yeeeah I know right? It's so cuuuuute! ^o^
      And you're very welcome <3
      I really want to get something from there but it seems a little pricey :/ Idk if it's just me being a poor student though hahah

  2. VIVI have beautiful clothes <3
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