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Halloween Tutorial - Calavera de azucar

Hello gurlies 
I'm sorry about my being so late with this one and I'm afraid I won't be able to make more of these Halloween tutorials again before next year :/
The white face paint I had ordered arrived later than supposed to and when it actually did, I didn't have the time to work on it as I had some long days in school and, since I live up North, it gets dark very very early around this time of the year, leaving me without natural light which is what I work with.
I figured that if I both had to record and also edit the video, I wouldn't have time to finish before after Halloween and that would have been pretty useless so... I'm doing it in pictures this time. Hopefully you will be able to follow without any major problems.
Also, I know these are not the usual high resolution pictures that I normally use on my blog, but again, the sunlight didn't really corporate! As soon as I got home it'd be dark and my phone isn't very happy about non-lit up surroundings.

Anyhow, please enjoy :)
Do tell me if there's something you'd like to do differently or ask me questions if something confuses you. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

❤ Products used ❤

Eyeliner pencil: White from Gosh
Face paint: AQUA MAKEUP 15G - WHITE from buy_send (ebay user)
Liquid eyeliner: Exaggerate Eye Liner #003 Glossy Black from RIMMEL 
Gel eyeliner: 01 Black from MAYBELLINE
Eyeshadow: 88 Original Palette from COASTALSCENTS

Upper lashes: from H&M

Lower lashes: 17 Diamond Dolly from Dolly Wink

Lipstick: 87 Lingerie Pink from NIVEA
Lenses: Super Pinky Violet Lenses from HONEY COLOR

Start out with a bare moisturized face.
The first thing you do is to grab a white pencil eyeliner and trace the pattern. Make a circle around each eye, a "hole" on your nose with a point going inwards, and kinda round'ish shape (in lack of better words) outside the circle. 
Next you cover your face with white face paint, avoiding the areas that you just drew (as you see I was pretty bad at that). Grab a liquid eyeliner and retrace the nose hole.
I feel really bad when I have to use excessive amounts of liquid eyeliner so instead I used a black gel liner. The gel liner spreads out fast and still has a great coverage. I only had to dip the pencil twice in the gel to fill the entire nose area.  
Take your gel liner again and retrace the circles around your eyes
I didn't like to stare seriously into my camera all the time so here is a goof!
Hahah okay the next step made me look super evil. I took a brown eye shadow that was just a tad darker than my own skintone and traced the other shape around my eyes. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make the line entirely out of little rhinestones and if so, lining here with black would have made it look odd. 
Fill in both shaped with a strong colour. I thought I'd make my skull look rather princessy so I choose a pink. Fill one shape at the time, that way you avoid smudging the black gel liner and adding unwanted dark colours to the pink.
Line closely around your eyes with the gel liner and don't forget a pencil on your waterline. As you see, I made the line a little thicker under the eye. Also, I took a dark red and blended in on my eyelid and above the bottom of the ring to make my eyes look more deep set.
Next I put on some fake lashes. See how I didn't put the lower lashes close to my eye but instead placed it under the black? That makes your eyes appear larger and your lashes appear fuller. 
I drew a line with my gel liner, since I feel that one is easier to handle than the liquid, and made a faded effect with a black eye shadow right under it. The further you get from your mouth, the larger the area of shadow.
A good way to know exactly where to place the line is to make a duckface and see where your chin sinks in.
When you have added the shadow, you can retrace the line again, I did that after taking the picture.
See the effect? Sunken in face!
More goofyness~ <3
With my liquid liner I drew a spiderweb on my chin and a matching pattern in my forehead. Many people like to add flowers but I'm not the greatest artist when I have t use make-up so I went with a downwards heart and some curls.
Next up are the lips! I chose a pink lipstick that matched my eye sockets. Instead of adding the lipstick just like that, I used a small lip brush. That way I will still have colour on my lips but it won't be all "wet" (you know when you drink from a glass and it leaves a mark). That is very important because we are going to add more. I filled in the heart with a lavender colour and added some pearl-looking rhinestones.

I figured that I didn't have enough rhinestones for both eyes so my plan b was the black line around the pink. I know I could have done it better but at that point I really wasn't sure :/
For the mouth I drew with my liquid liner (same as the eyes) and that's why I wanted as little lipstick on my lips as possible. This way it won't smear~
And lastly I added my violet/lavender circle lenses (that's the reason the heart was this colour) and done!
Of course it works without lenses but my eyes are so light that I felt like it needed something. The blue colour didn't fit the design. A pair of brown eyes would have been perfect!

❤ Extras 

Good luck and have fun! 
~Lucy Hart~


  1. Oh my gosh, I looove this tutorial! I think the rhinestones around the eye would have really made it pop. It still looks amazing, though. Thanks for a great tutorial, I'm loving your blog♥

    1. Thank you so much! :3
      Yeah I think so too.. oh well, there's always next year > <
      Thank you for stopping by <3


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