Sunday, November 17, 2013

[Review] - Cranberry Joy Lip Balm

This review is delayed by a week or so... I was supposed to do a review on it the day after I bought it but then it hit me that I'm quite hung up by 4-5 assignments that had to be done and therefore my schedule was pushed a little > <
Anyways, today I want to do a review on my new Cranberry Joy lip balm which is part of The Body Shop Holiday 2013 collection.

I'm really happy about Body Shop because all their products seem to natural to me (and because they always give me recycled paper bags).
My friend Balslev and I went shopping one day and as we were sitting at McDonald's, she pulled out this little beauty. She let me try it and I was sold, I HAD to get one!

The balm is hard so it will take long before it is used up completely (I can't help but to worry about what happens when I've used it so much that the "dome"-shape is gone). It gives off a rather strong but nice smell that is half-fruity-half-artificial. I can't tell if it actually smells like cranberries since I've never smelled those ... sorry ㅠㅠ

This is my own actual photo of it.. the first one seem too Photoshop'd if you ask me. It measures about 3,8∙3,8∙3,8 cm (3,8 cm = 1.5 inch) and it seem like a lot of it is the actual product itself.

It comes in 3 different "flavours"; cranberry, ginger, and vanilla. Since mine is so dark, it also gives off a bit of colour. What I really like is that it is not a "thick" layer of colour, but a subtle tint that leaves the lips look natural and with a tiny hint of shimmer (My lips look HORRIFYING with red'ish lipsticks hence this is a big plus for me). I can't tell of the other two will give off colour though.. 
What disappointed me a little was that it did NOT moisturize my lips. During the holiday season, they tend to chap like crazy so I really need something that will keep them moisturized. Although it does add moisture it DOES prevent my lips from becoming more dry.

  • Won't be used up quickly
  • Has a nice smell
  • Gives off a nice soft red colour
  • Stays on for quite some time even when you eat

  • Does not moisturize
  • Mid pricey

Would I buy it again?
I have nothing against this lip balm but as long as it doesn't moisturize, I'm afraid it might not be enough for me when December comes. My friends, however, are completely in love with it and always ask if they can borrow it. I DO love how it adds colour without being too much so perhaps I'll just combine it with a normal chap stick to get the effect of moisturized AND pretty lips~ 

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