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[Review] - Cranberry Joy Shower Scrub And Moisture Collection

Hello everybodiiiiiiiiies! ^o^

Merry Christmas! Feliz navidad! Frohe Weihnachten! Glædelig Jul! สุขสันต์วันคริสมาสต์!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and families (or perhaps you went on adventures in foreign countries like several of my friends did) :O

This year I mostly got money because I had told my family that I preferred experiences over materialistic gifts. I did get a few things however, and one of them was from my little brother Frederik (Thanks again!).
He had bought me the Cranberry Joy Shower Scrub And Moisture Collection from THE BODY SHOP.
I thought the set was super cute and I really wanted to share with you my experience of it, so here you go. My review!

Enjoy the fruity, limited-edition scent of cranberry from top to toe with this pampering box set
Cleanse your skin with the shower gel or soap. Exfoliate with the body scrub and help seal the moisture with the body butter.
Inside are four wonderful limited edition items:
  • The Cranberry Joy Shower Gel
  • The Cranberry Joy Heart Soap
  • The Cranberry Joy Body Scrub
  • The Cranberry Joy Body Butter

Cranberry Joy Shower Gel 
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"This gentle, soap-free shower gel has a festive cranberry fragrance. It’s a limited edition, created just for Christmas."

I followed their advice and started out with the gel. It had a very strong and fruity smell. I can't tell if it really did smell like cranberry since I've never smelled those, but it was nice indeed. They say that for a more foamy result, you can use a loofah to apply it. I didn't know this before I used it but using your hands will work just fine as well.
My skin was left clean and soft.

Cranberry Joy Heart Soap
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"This limited-edition heart soap makes a great stocking filler. It has a fruity cranberry fragrance and contains ground walnut shell."

I'm not a big fan of hand soap, if I may call it that, and have never been; therefore, I can't say much about this one. Instead of using it in my shower, I used it to wash my left hand a little earlier today. It is softer than my right hand and also smoother. Once again I'm not sure about the exfoliating part, I'll leave that to the body butter. 
The scent from this is not as strong as from the other items and when washed off, it leaves more of a clean scent than of cranberries (or perhaps my nose has just gone finally numb).

Cranberry Joy Body Polish
"This limited-edition festive body exfoliator is gentle enough to use every day. It removes dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother, and has a fruity cranberry fragrance. It leaves a natural Christmas glow."

Like the gel, the polish also had a very liquid consistency. It contained what looks like little seeds.
After using the gel, it said to apply the body polish. I believe a body polish is different from a body scrub because it is so gentle. It left my skin super smooth and very soft. I'm not so sure about the exfoliation part though...
The minor red grains didn't scrape like they would in a body scrub. The smell was a little more sour than the gel, which didn't impress me. I did, however, like how it didn't leave my skin greasy-like like my lemon body scrub does. 

Cranberry Joy Body Butter
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"Our iconic Body Butter in a limited-edition festive fragrance. It melts straight in to leave skin feeling softer and smoother."

Last step was the body butter. 
Since the consistency was so thick, I had to apply a bit to cover my whole body. It probable won't last long if I have to use that much every time.
It says to seal the moisture within your skin and leave it moisturized up to 24 hours. My plan was to write this review yesterday as that was the day I used these products but here, 24 hours and 45 minutes later, my skin still feels super soft and moisturized. THAT sure was a surprise!
My skin feels soft and smooth and my mom constantly tells me how nice I smell (my pyjamas that I wore all day after showering yesterday also has a strong scent). Even though you might not smell it after half an hour, everybody else will.
It smells better on than in the little container so don't let that fool you. A big plus is also how this does NOT feel greasy and sticky on the skin after application, I guess because it really does "melt" into your skin. 

Overall I really liked the set and I think it's pretty cool how it's limited to only be sold around Christmas time. I do like the scent but I think it'd be a little too strong for my every day life. Maybe others will be able to pull it off but it wouldn't fit me that well. For Christmas and big events I think it's great! It adds that one extra little thing to make your appearance complete~
If you think this sound like something you'd like to try, don't hesitate to go get it!

I also reviewed the Cranberry Joy Lip Balm if you are interested in more products from the series. You can find the post about it HERE

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