Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[Review] - Geo Bella Brown circle lens (on blue eyes)

For the longest time I've thought that brown eyes were just drop-dead gorgeous! 

I remember that, when I was younger, I'd tell my mom how pretty brown eyes were and I'd stand in front of the mirror and imagine how I'd look with those dark charming brown eyes. I thought this would never become a reality until I discovered the magical world of circle lenses!

I've already had one pair of circle lenses before (I did a review on them HERE).
The ones that I bought back then were super cute but not so easy to wear due to their colour. I also bought them with prescription, another prescription than what I am using today, leaving those lenses useless now. 
  I really wanted a new pair and this time I tried to go for something a little more natural.
Of course I bought mine from PinkyParadise!

Diameter:                        14.0 / 14.2 mm
Water content:                               38 %
Base curve:                                 8.6 mm
Type:                                1 year disposal

Geo Bella Brown.jpg
Alright, enough for the dreamy commercial pictures

This was the package the lenses came in.
I had my lenses shipped with express shipping which was supposed to take around 4-7 workdays. Unfortunately for me, I had placed my order right around some holidays. My package was shipped from Malaysia and had to stay in China for a while because they had one whole week off at that time. But I got a tracking number and it was cool to see how it'd suddenly go from China to Germany to France etc.

Inside the package were two little bottles, each had a lens inside, and a cute animal lens case. The lens case is free and comes with every pair you order, which means 3x pairs lenses = 3x lens cases.

Remember to always check if the lenses are not broken or defect BEFORE opening the little jars.

I got a cute pink hippo case this time! 

(I'm sorry that the pictures are so "long". I still haven't figured a way to crop my photos without ruining the quality)

Inside                                                                      Direct light

       No lens                                                                  Lens (+ fake lashes)

Because I quoted a fellow blogger when I was about to make my purchase, I got a free random gift
- Crystal eyelid patches! (I haven't tried them yet, but they sure look interesting).

These lenses were very different from the purple lenses I have. While there was constant feeling of "having something in the eye" with the purple ones, I could feel absolutely nothing with these in! 
When I blink, it doesn't feel like they are moving around and they do not disturb my vision at all!

On Pinky Paradise' website, the lenses range from 14.0 to 15.0 mm in diameter. (You will find this lens in the 14.2 section). Considering the size of the lens, I think the enlargement is satisfying. Although they do not have a thick limbal ring, the colour is darkest near the border and becomes lighter towards the middle. It gives a nice effect and I really like it.  

When I bought these lenses, I thought this would be the beginning of a long long journey in order for me to FINALLY find some brown lenses, that would fit light-eyed people without making us look funny.
Like my purple lenses, I thought the crossover from my own blue eyes to the brown would be too harsh. It wasn't! I was pleasantly surprised! Even though they don't completely cover my own colour, I am very happy with the result. It looks like I have brown eyes but with a tiny hint of blue in the middle.

I had not expected to like these lenses as much as I do!
The dolly effect they give is super cute and I believe that I could easily wear these to school. They give me an innocent look because they're a mix between my own blue eyes and then the brown and .. I don't know what to say more. I'm very very satisfied! :)
I would clearly buy these again but I also want to check out other brown lenses. At least I know now that these will always work if everything else fails. 

Other Colours
They also come in Grey, Green, Violet, or Blue (I linked each lens, just click their names if you're curious).

If you decide to get a pair (even if it's not the exact ones I got), then don't forget to quote "beautywithlucy" to redeem your own free mystery gift!


  1. aww you look soooo cute with them on!!

    1. Hahah thank youuuu <3
      I think it makes me look younger ^o^

  2. Nice and interesting post. :) Great lens! :3 Yes, oil smell a little coconut and on skin too. :) And I follow your blog.


    1. Thank youuuuu :3
      Ooh, well it sure seemed interesting, maybe I should give it a try ^o^
      Thank you for following! <3 I am already following you ~

  3. They really suit you! I have blue eyes, and have always wished for brown ones, so I may try these!<3


    1. Thank you so much, I am quite happy about them ^o^
      You definitely should consider getting a pair! <3

  4. Hey, I just finished my blog presentation for you! :) Here's the link: http://insane-babydoll.blogspot.de/2014/01/blog-presentation-5-beauty-trends-and.html

    1. Oh my! I am eternally grateful for your kind words Amaya <3

  5. Beautiful post! Your eyes are so big and cute! ♡ I really like your blog *✲゚*。⋆♡♡

    Let’s follow each other! I hope we will keep in touch ♡

    ✿ Rinako ✿

    1. Iiiiih that's so sweet of you, thank you! <3
      I'm glad you liked the post~

      I just saw your blog, I'm definitely following you! ^o^ <3

  6. I also always wanted to have brown eyes when I was younger. I admire people with natural brown eyes a lot. *_*
    The lenses you picked are also really pretty, I love how they blend with your own eye color. :3
    And I got that crystal eyelid patch with my last order from pinkyparadise, too. Haven't tried it out yet but I'm very curious about it. xD

    Saw the presentation of your blog which was done by Amaya Yume. Following you now. :P

    1. Yeah so do I *-* I feel like I could just swim away in those brown eyes <3
      Thank you, I am glad to hear that! I liked the effect alot, although my own colour disappears a bit more when inside :)
      As for the eyelid patches: yeah! so am I! I am strongly considering using them today due to my huuuuge eyebags hahah

      P.S I saw the one she did on you too, I am stalking you as well :3 <3

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