Sunday, March 30, 2014

New fanpage!

Helloooo hellooo hellooooo everybodyyyy ^-^ 

You probably have already noticed that I made some changes to my blog. 
First of all I have changed the background. I moved a few gadgets, changed some fonts, and linked directly to my personal blog (and back so you can easily switch between the two of them).
I also made my very own (AND functioning) "back-to-top" button in the lower right corner so you no longer will have to scroll to get back to the top AAAAAND, lastly, I made six new buttons so it will now be much easier for you all to follow me on Twitter, Google+, Bloglovin', Instagram, mail, and Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook! 
Today I made a new fanpage for my blog and I and it would make me very happy to get more followers on it. So please, take a look and like it?
I know there is not much on it yet but it is still under construction~ 

Here's the link

That being said, have a wonderful remaining weekend! <3


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