Saturday, March 29, 2014

PinkyParadise - Princess Pinky Eclipse

Have you ever witnessed a solar eclipse?
There is just something magical about the way the moon covers the sun, giving it that warm orange colour.

PinkyParadise now gives you the chance to create this mesmerizing effect on your eyes with their brand new Princess Pinky Eclipse circle lenses!

Starting now and continuing until April 10th, you get 30% off so if you are considering ordering a pair, you should definitely make use of this great sale!

And don't forget to quote me "beautywithlucy" to get an extra free mystery gift with your order~

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Princess Pinky Eclipse.jpg
"PinkyParadise is currently launching a new lens series, which is the Princess Pinky Eclipse. The lenses are the latest addition to our wide range of lenses, and the color of the lenses is just so mesmerizing and making the eyes look more dolly and pretty. It will definitely be a lens that many will want to have."
Princess Pinky Before-After Closeup


  1. Woah those lenses are quiet pretty! Expecially the grey ones give a really unique look! I'm from denmark as well x)

    1. Yeah now you say it, the grey really leave quite an impression!
      Godt at se en dansker her på blogosfæren, jeg holder øje med dig fra nu af ^o^

  2. How pretty! ♥
    I fell on love with the blue and violet ones. :3

    1. So did I ^o^ Especially the blue ones really stood out!

  3. I really like these lenses! I will order the grey ones!

    1. I'm sure they will look dazzling on your dark eyes! ☆


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