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[Review] - Heartful silky lipstick

This is actually an item I ordered looooong time ago (together with THIS) but due to bad picture quality (mostly) and very little time to retake some, I had to delay this review. 

Anyways! Now I'm back and I hope you will enjoy today's review that will be on my new Heartful Silky Lipstick (SPK 102 Baby Doll) from Holika Holika!
"Baby Doll" such a cute name 

The heart shape was what caught my attention at first. Never had I seen such a cute lipstick! And the colour seemed to be much like that of my own lips (I like when it's not too obvious that I'm wearing something). 

Let's look at the package, shall we?

"Heart shaped lovely lipstick that displays extremely silky smooth lips with feathery light texture and vivid color"

Cute and simple package that matches the lipstick itself. I like how they made the hearts "stick out" but sadly mine was slightly bent when I got it

A closer picture of the lipstick with lid on. I think it's really charming to look at. Especially with the little floral embroidery on top. 

These pictures are surprisingly close to the original colour. Actually so close that I would say this would be the exact colour of the lipstick (at least on my screen).

Although it seems to be a warm pink, it had more of a cold tint to it when applied and I'm not too happy about that. Applying that colour to my lips, having such fair skin, I feel like I look like a doll (in a bad way). The best way I can describe it is if I can make you think of those doll heads that you could buy as a kid and then do their make-up. The manuals said you could also use that make-up on yourself but somehow it always looked like really cheap fake make-up (which it was, of course). 
But wearing this lipstick I feel like one of those. I truly dislike most shades of cold pink, which this is.  

Below you can find the 8 different shades it comes in. Mine was third from the left.

Once again my beautiful friend Nanna let me borrow her lips for the close-up picture. 
At first we have her lips without anything on. 
Her lips are in pretty good condition, not super dried out like my own and therefore the colour spreads out more evenly instead of looking flakey. Once again the colour doesn't show up as well on her lips as on mine but it is best described as strawberry milk pink. I think it looks velvet soft on her and the colour suited her pretty well (she has brown hair and I have blonde, perhaps it fits her better because it doesn't make her look like a barbie?)

Google made this gif for me when it automatically backed up my uploaded pictures and I came to like it. I think it is easier to tell the difference between the pictures this way.

When being applied and afterwards when being worn, it seems a little be creamy. It goes on VERY easily. You barely have to touch your lips and BAM! It's on! But although it's creamy it does not feel very moisturizing a all even though it claims to be so. 

The smell is super sweet and I dare to say it also tastes sweet (now don't go ahead and eat the whole thing!)

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of this lipstick, Nanna liked it a lot and she kept saying she didn't understand why I liked it. I also let another girl from class try it on, her skin is a bit darker than ours and she seemed to like it too. Perhaps I'm just not used to much colour (especially pink) on my lips and this is just too big of a difference, or my skintone is just not right.
Either way it is still really really cute and totally affordable!

• Gives a soft as silk touch to the lips
• Very pigmented
• Has a very sweet smell, much like strawberry gum
• Affordable

• Might look flakey on dry lips
Wiped off easily
• Does not moisturize

If you'd like to try this lipstick, you can find it HERE!

Would you wear this colour? For which occasion? Have you tried it before? Did you like it?
Come share your thoughts! ^o^

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