Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Copenhagen 2/3,5

After our not-so-impressive breakfast, our first visit was at Christiansborg, where the Queen works sometimes and hosts parties during special occasions.
Here, we got to walk through the different rooms and we had a guide tell us that "here the Queen stands when she... Bla bla bla" and it was quite exciting actually.
Me, Helena, Nanna, Rikke, Lærke, and Monika

They gave up bags to put around our shoes before we were allowed to go any further
The hall had the largest mirror I had ever seen. That called for selfies!
We felt like royals when walking up the King's stairs.
The two thrones were used during the time that we still had an absolute monarchy in Denmark and are no longer being used by the Queen and crown prince as they have now become symbols of that.
This room was also the one the Queen would be welcoming international guests in. When choosing decor for the ceiling, what would be better than a painting showing how we got our flag Dannebrog, the oldest and [said to be] most beautiful flag in the world?
In another room we were presented the royal tapestries, that tell go back thousands of years ago and tell the Danish history in very interesting and artistic ways.
Next stop was the National Bank. I don't have any pictures from here since we weren't allowed to take any. Nor were we allowed to go any further into the bank and see where they print the money because "if we were to see it, we could possibly plan a robbery". Instead we had a lecutre about.. Some financial stuff. I don't think my pulse has ever been so low. The 1 1/2 hour we spent there was pure torture. I believe I understood 1/4 of the words he used. 
 We went back to Christiansborg (the other end though), where the Danish politicians come and work. To get inside, we had to go through a security check first (just like in airports) because, apparently, somebody got in before and doused the former Danish prime minister with red paint. We were supposed to talk to a Danish politician named Jesper Petersen but he stayed home and cancelled his meeting with us because his child was sick. His secretary found us another member of the same party, Anne Sina, who showed us around instead but for a shorter time since she also had a meeting. In the end she took a selfie with our entire class. Although I disagree with her party, she was pretty cool.
This is where the politicians have discussions
We weren't allowed to go here. During special occasions, the Royal family would come and watch and they would be sitting in these particular seats.
Our night ended at a place called Vesterbros originale burgerbar, where our class had decided to dine together. It was located in a neighborhood... that does not exactly have the best reputation. My friends had their burgers and the meat was too cooked while the bread was so dry that it would almost crumble apart. Their fries weren't that great either.. I wouldn't recommend it. It took forever to get our food and it was pricey too!

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