Sunday, April 13, 2014

Copenhagen 3 & 3,5 /3,5

Let me just apologize for the strange title already.. I didn't feel like the few hours we spent on the 4th day would be worthy of their own entire post.

The third day was just UGH.
Aside from feeling sick from the food I ate the night before, a sewer company had decided that this particular morning would be the morning they were going to "do their thing" and make the entire entryway stink!
By the way, if you were wondering why this post was late, that was why. The stupid food made me sick and until yesterday I was unable to sit, stand, walk, or eat.

Now, back to the post! 
My friend group and I had gotten a room on the 5th floor and had to fight our way to the breakfast café, which was located on the ground floor. My severe nausea did NOT need that. I was about to throw up 3 or 4 times on my way down. I'm not exaggerating. 

Oh and of course the smell came through the entrance to the café, which led straight to the street, making everything stink. Helena said you could taste it in the food, gosh!
After breakfast, the class gathered and we took off. The sewer car was gone but, to our horror, it had only gone around the corner and we were now forced to pass by it! The stench stayed in our hair for more than an hour.

We started you walking around town to "experience King Christian IV's Copenhagen" (look at different things he'd built).
First was The Marble Church
Going in there was strange... my class is usually extremely noisy but when we entered the church, everyone got quiet and sat down in silence.
Rosenborg Castle that the King built for his wife. Here he spent most of the time
Next was Rundetaarn. This tower stands 41,55 m and was meant as an observatory.

We got back down to the ground and had lunch on our own. Once again I was unable to eat or even just approach the smell of food and of course this one girl kept saying the reason I felt sick was because I hadn't eaten while it was actually the complete opposite. I didn't eat BECAUSE I felt sick! I really cannot stand when people think they know you better than yourself.

Afterwards we went to the Police Museum to hear about ways of punishing crime throughout the history of Denmark and some of the most gruesome murder cases in our country (and see the original murder weapons). Apparently one of the worst happened on my 5th birthday. The girl, who was originally studying history at the university, was behaving really superior. "Do you all think you can sit down and be quiet?" and even our teacher made a remark about this when we had left.

Last stop was the National Museum, where we got to look at things from the Renaissance and the Viking Age. There was a large amount of bog finds.

After that we were free and we took quick break at the hotel to rest our sore legs before going to Tivoli with the class. Tivoli is an amusement park and the second oldest of its kind, the oldest one being Danish also. 
There was a great view from the Ferris wheel!
These two images were taking seconds before Nanna and Rikke snapped and realized how high up we were and then proceeded to freak out until our turn was over.
Lærke and I, however, were having a lot of fun listening to them and snapping pictures!
A carousel!

We decided to go home around 10pm but it seems some of our classmates stayed up much longer.
The next morning we woke up early and took the train back. Never have I experienced my class being so quiet. I'm certain you could have dropped a needle and been able to hear it. People were either sleeping or just physically present, not mentally. 


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