Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter trip to Sweden!

Heeeeeey it's weekend!!! 
And I have officially survived my first (half) week in school and now finally have time to blog a little :)

My trip to Sweden differed a bit from my other trips. My reason for going wasn't that I wanted to see Sweden or travel or experience another culture and all that (although I'd like to take such a trip to Sweden one day), but because I was going to visit some people. And for that reason, I didn't plan to go see as many places as possible like I would usually do and therefore didn't take as many pictures as I usually would have. Nor am I going to talk about the amazing things I experienced there because really, I was being pretty lazy. 

But I hope you will still enjoy the few pictures I took!

This is Zealand/Copenhagen short after my plane took off. The weather was great and probably one of the warmest days we have had so far this year (Beaten by this weekend. We're having some 21°C at the moment). I love pictures like these ✈ I feel like it's not the plane but me who is flying.
It makes me feel so free and ambitious - Nothing can stop me!
The city I went to is called Borås although the city I landed in and flew from was Göteborg. 
I don't know about the rest of Sweden, but Borås was filled with large areas of super tall trees. In the city, there were also many trees and many green areas and the whole landscape was much more elevated than (most of) Denmark.
This was a quite steep slope we called "The ninja way", which we used as a shortcut.
Since Swedes are some of the least religious people in the world, they do still have churches. Even though I never go to church, it was fun to see and attend a mess in this Catholic church. I understood very very very very little of what was said. Most of the time it sounded like the priest had a potato stuck in his throat (No offense to the Swedish language. This man in particular sounded weird). 
I wouldn't call it a stream since the water didn't seem to be moving but this large stream-river-water-thing ran all the way across the city. One can only imagine how beautiful it must be around here when all the plants around here bloom.
The Swedes seemed to be very happy about putting feathers on sticks and trees for Easter. I have no idea why... It looked kind of crazy but it also spread so much colour to the surroundings. I liked it!
A court in centrum
Giant rocks melted into the city
This picture was taken from the top of the cliff-thingie above
Perhaps you know ginatricot? Their HQ was there in Borås! A giant glass-like building. Tiny me for comparison~
More befeathered trees
Delicious Easter dinner! That was the first time I grilled this year!
I hope you all had a nice Easter too!
Did you go somewhere?


  1. Cool pictures, that city looks kinda small and cozy. :) Really nice. Good to see you had a nice vacation.
    I didn't do much for Easter holidays. Simply stayed at home or was with my family.

    1. It was super cozy and people seemed so relaxed ^o^
      I'm sure your break was nice too :3 Staying home can really be needed once in a while :)


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