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[Review] - G&G Big DM23 Blue circle lens

My posts during this month and June might be a little delayed due to my exams. Hang on!
I was happy to receive so much positive feedback on the banana ice cream post and I even got a text with a picture of sliced bananas in a bag with the text "trying out your recipe". Sadly my phone was being repaired at that point due to some software error and I never figured out who it was since everything was deleted on my phone when I got it back. So to whoever you are, thank you! I hope you enjoyed it ^o^ 

Moving on to today's post!
Today I am going to review my G&G Big DM23 Blue circle lenses from PinkyParadise!

Diameter:                                   14.5 mm
Water content:                               38 %
Base curve:                                 8.6 mm
Type:                                1 year disposal
G&G Big DM23 Blue.jpg
I actually bought these lenses at the same time as my Geo Bella Brown lenses that I reviewed HERE but for some reason I never got around writing a proper review of these before now, sorry about that! >0<
I got them in these little containers (remember to always check if the lenses are in perfect shape before opening)
And of course I also got a cute random animal lens case - this time a green... bear?
With every pair of lenses you buy, you get a free case like this ^o^

It just hit me that even though I wasn't supposed to have any eye make-up on, I could at least have covered my red'ish morning face -_- Please just forget about my skin and pay attention to the eyes
Without lens                                                            With lens
Most circle lenses can look a bit freaky in "naked" eyes so I played around with some make-up and took some pictures to show you what it looks like.
Might be a little extreme for every day make-up but if you're going out I think having some blue colour mixed in would really make the lenses stand out
Super close-up!!! O_O See how well it blends?
I also found this picture (with more contrast) from the ball I went to at school. This was how I had hoped my eyes would look but sadly - this is achieved only with camera effects
In real they looked a bit more grey if not in the right light

Whenever I buy lenses, I quote other bloggers and get a free mystery gift with my purchase. This time it was some sort of...  I have no idea what to call it. But it's supposed to keep hair away from your face when you do your make-up. I have seen them being used in Taiwanese programs where contestants transform themselves into beauty queens with the help of make-up.

I'm an every day contact lens user so I'm used to having something in my eyes in the first place. Like all other circle lenses I have tried, I feel a slight discomfort when putting them in but it goes away after just a few seconds. I have worn these a bunch of times now and I cannot feel anything except for the few seconds. It's like they're not even there! Probably the most comfortable lenses I have worn so far.

 Enlargement    (I'd actually say 4½)
The thick limbal ring helps these lenses appear really big and keep in mind they are 14,5 mm so they are supposed to look pretty big. I don't have much to say here. In the right light they can really make your eyes appear like doll eyes.

My natural eye colour is blue/blue-green and if you look at the two pictures with and without lenses you will see that there isn't much difference colourwise. I had hoped they would stand out more and make my eyes more blue so I'm a little disappointed at that point. On the other hand they blend perfectly with my own eyes making them natural-looking yet enlarging. 

Overall    (4½)
I was looking for lenses that would perhaps be a little more unnatural and make my eyes more doll-looking. Although they are big, I find these lenses to be more natural - more natural than I had hoped. But I should not bash on them, they are good and super comfortable lenses. I had expected the colours to be more apparent after looking at the picture on their website.

Other Colours
If you are interested in these but looking for another colour you should definitely check out the other ones! These lenses are also available in gray, violet, brown (they look yellow in my opinion), green, pink, and choco.

If you decide to get yourself a pair (doesn't matter which) don't forget to quote 
to get your own, perhaps strange, mystery gift ^ㅅ^

Buy the lenses HERE


  1. It looks much better when circle lenses make your eye natural-looking. You look gorgeous !

    1. Agree! Circle lenses look gorgeous when they appear natural. These lenses didn't give me the anime look I was going for but I've used them several times after that with my daily make-up.
      And wow thank you! > <

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a good day~
      ~Lucy <3


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