Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PinkyParadise - Phantasee Series + Wigs

I'm back with more news from, once again, PinkyParadise!

This time they are announcing the coming of a lens brand called Phantasee Series
These lenses are perfect for cosplay and Halloween and can be parted into three subcategories: 
Sclera Lenses Series (22 mm), Glow UV Series (14 mm), and Vivid Series (14 mm). 

 Click the picture or the names of the lens categories to go directly to their page
Phantasee Series.png
Well this is quite embarrassing.. I kind of forgot to mention something (⌒_⌒;) eheh..

Because PinkyParadise have also introduced are also introducing another category.... Wigs!
 My favorite is the one shown below - Vanilla Shake
Korean Fashion Beauty Wig - Vanilla Shake Color Blonde & Chocolate Brown Mix Model 3
I just love how the colours are mixed and with the brown in only one side ^o^
I like all their wigs though, you should go check it out!  


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