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[Review] - Lovely ME:EX Makeup Base 01 Green

I was really happy to get on today and see in my stats (not that I check that, it's just there and.. SEE-ABLE (is that even a word?) when I open blogger) that you guys are still coming back to check on my blog although it's been some time since I wrote a real post. So thank you for keeping up!

Today I want to write a review on a product that I've had for a while but never really got around using: the Lovely ME:EX Makeup Base #01 Green from THEFACESHOP.
This product is (unsurprisingly) meant to be a foundation primer / makeup base with green tones, making it ideal for people with red undertones. It also comes in purple for more asian skin. 
Now, the reason I never used this much is because, in the beginning it said:
"Skin type: All"
but  I completely oversaw the fact that, further down, it said ideal for oily skin which... I am the complete opposite of.

Nonetheless, I still wrote a review on it and if you tend to have oily or combination skin (and red undertones), this might be a product for you. 

So let's look at the product, shall we?

As always I got 3 freebies with it. This time It was green barley cleansing cream from innisfree, a wine therapy sleeping mask from holikaholika, and the secret pore rich balm from Lioele.

On the back is some information:
"Lovely me:ex of make-up base 
Smoothes without pulling, creating fresh and bright based makeup skin
Application: Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on face to soften it.
Ingredients: Methyl paraben • propylparaben • chlorpenesin • phenoxyethanol • titanium dioxide
Capacity: 40 ml / 1.35 fl. oz"

And then of course it says how you should stop using it if you experience rashes, itchiness, red marks, irritation etc. You know, the usual. 
[Note:] In my country, skin experts have told us to avoid the use of too many parabens as they are suspected of being endocrine disruptions. 

The base has a very thin, almost cream-like texture and a very opaque light green colour, truly living up to my expectations for a "green cream" which were exactly the keywords I used to find it in the first place. To me it appears that there are no perfumes in it, yet it still has a fresh, clean, sunscreen-like scent probably originating from the phenoxyethanol.

Creamy but thin

Now here is a before and after picture. It doesn't brighten my skin that much but it did take away the redness
And a close-up of my very very dry, freckles, and spotted skin - before and after. Here it's easier to see the effect of the red-neutralizing effect. It also makes my skin appear much brighter. BUT(!!) there are still red spots that aren't covered and the "foundation" itself catches on to the baby hairs on my face, making them easier to see, and catches on to the dry skin, making it look more flaky (more obvious in the next picture). 
"Oh it hides my pores!" ...Later I found out it just filled up my pores. Look at all the (before invisible) baby hairs! And once again, it didn't hide my red spots or scars. 

• Makes the skin feel soft
Brightens the skin
• Neautralizes red undertones
Fresh and clean scent

Contains parabens
• Does not work on dry skin
• Doesn't cover blemishes that well
 Makes facial baby hairs appear

Would I buy it again?
No. It really does not work with my skin so for me, it's useless. If I happened to have oily skin I still don't think I would use it - simple because of the parabens. I'm not sure if the parabens are bad for us or not but IF I can avoid them, why not? I wouldn't mind using a product with parebens once in a while but makeup is something I use daily.

What do you think? Have or would you try it?
Leave a comment! :)


  1. I've got green make up but on stick and I don't like it so much too... the view on the skin is strange

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. The first time I felt like an alien O o


  2. It's not the best but the red-neutralizing effect is good :)

    ❤ ✿ NEW SWEET POST ✿ ❤

    1. True that ^o^
      For now I stick to my BB cream though, same neutralizing effect but without the weird flakey'ness


  3. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. \(o'-'o)/
    I know some people who really like diabolik lovers, male and female so I didn't think of it as guilty pleasure. :D
    Yeah I love the songs! My favourite is the op Mr Sadistic Night and Kanato's Character Song Kirisaki Carnival. :)

    1. Oooh I'm so happy I'm not the only one ^o^
      I had "only" heard the ones with Shu, Laito, and Ayato but after you introduced me to KAnato's, it has become my favorite! It really suits him ^o^

      My please to comment on your blog and I'm happy as always when I see you come back to mine. I hope you don't mind the way too delayed answer.
      Have a happy day! <3

  4. San makikita yung expiration DATE NYA?


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