Sunday, July 6, 2014

3 tips for traveling!

Sunday I had a photoshoot with my first ever cosplay costume (not that the 2nd one is even finished) and after jumping I had a bad landing - right on my heel, sending a sharp pain up through my entire leg before ultimately causing my body to break down. 

Long story short: I haven't been able to walk around for days and the intense summer heat is killing me.

I then came up with a hypothesis on how to keep myself from overheating and figured it would be a very useful tip for people who were going on trips like the one I'll be going on in only a week from now. One thought led to another and I ended up with 3 tips I have learned on my latest small travels. Of course I haven't even begun deciding what to bring with me to Paris but if Maria or I come up with more tips I will add it to my mini list. Hopefully you will find this helpful!

3 tips for traveling

1. Keep a handsized spraybottle at hand at all times
Since the reason we sweat is to cool our bodies down when the sweat evaporates, my hypothesis was that if you spray water on your arms/hands/legs/feet/face/neck, you can trick your body into thinking you're sweating and that way cool yourself instantly. I've been testing it out on myself and my family (rapidly spraying them whenever they got close to me (muahahahha)) and it does work! Just remember to check if your makeup is waterproof before splashing water on it.
Since it's handsized you can (and should) bring it with you everywhere and refill it with cold water whenever you get the chance. Of course it isn't shower-on-spray so be sure to shower when you get back from the daily adventures ^o^ 
You can buy the kind of spraybottle I use HERE

2. Roll, don't fold!
I trick I first heard of when I went to Oregon and have been using ever since. Instead of spending time folding your clothes and trying to make it fit into your luggage without it curling up, roll it! By rolling your clothes it takes up less space and you can be sure that it will be perfectly straight when you want to wear it. I suggest bringing a pack of kitchen elastics and putting one around each piece of clothing. Bring extras in case you buy more clothes or if the ones you are using break. 

3. Bring bath shoes
When I went to Copenhagen with my class we stayed a hotel where each floor had to share toilets and baths. I hate thinking about how many people could have been out there before me and I never felt like my feet were clean. So if you're like me and you find "public" bathroom floors rather disgusting, bring a pair of plastic shoes (especially the ones with holes and a  small heel are great). This kind of shoes is also ideal if you go to a beach with a not-so-sandy beach. You can bathe and swim with them on and since they're made of plastic they will dry quick as soon as you get into the sun. 

[Bonus] Some years ago in Italy I used the 3rd trick and one of my shoes accidentally fell off while I was swimming in the ocean with my friend. "Oh no! I lost my shoe!" I exclaimed to my friend perhaps a bit too loud because soon a cute boy nearby who was also swimming with some friends yelled out "The girl lost her shoe! Quick! Let's find it!". They soon found it and the cute boy came over and handed it to me (✿◠‿◠)

Let me know what you think about my list in the comment section and please do share if you have more useful tips.

Have a great summer!

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