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Trip to Paris 6/7

I feel like I've spent way too long posting about our trip to Paris but I feel like it would be wrong to put up the new makeup reviews and stuff before I'm done here. So let's end our adventures in Paris with a smile (after the next post) and then move on to some beauty stuff!

As you might have seen, I'm leaving for Spain this Sunday so days have been extra hectic. I hope you haven't felt like the wait was too long ( ≧Д≦)

Our 6th day in Paris would also be the hottest and therefore we hadn't planned too much. Our trip was coming to an end so today we really just wanted to stroll around and enjoy the city while we still could.

We began the day eating at.... you guessed it: our favorite bakery / sandwich shop Brioche Doree, where we had breakfast and were people-watching. I don't mean this in a stalker'ish way but it really is nice sometimes to sit down and relax and just take everything, including the busy people, in. 
Brioche Doree                                         <--------- Once again giving you the address in case you
150, rue de Rennes                                                   want to stop by during a future trip!
75006 Paris
Croissants, pains au chocolates, and a mango/passion fruit smoothie~ Gosh how I miss the taste of this!

After taking our time enjoying the breakfast, we headed out. There were never any actual plans of where we wanted to go or which stores we wanted to visit.. it was really just by intuition. But... None of the clothes stores had stuff that we liked. Well some did. There was a dress that I liked but it cost 200€ so... nope. The rest of the stores were either filled with what we would call professional-looking clothes or waaaay too colourful. It all looked so grown up and this was soooo not our style. 
After wandering for a while, we took a break at Starbucks. 
Once again we enjoyed a bit of people-watching. Also, my new French name is Lucie. Maria is Noguio.

Nearby was a bookstore, called Galignani, which Maria had wanted to visit after we walked by it on our 2nd day in Paris. It is located on 224 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris (if you happen to be interested).
Outside the store hung an impressive sign~
Maria, excited about this, went inside and I followed troop. 
I didn't intend to look for anything but a couple of books caught my eyes. I also snapped some really cool pictures AND we happened to find a few books about Denmark! 
I had originally only intended to use this picture because of the clear view and the ladder in the center...
But the guy wearing green pants and the other one looking like The Thinker really showed the atmosphere in there. Upstairs was where we spent most of the time but downstairs were chairs so you could hang out and read. It was also peacefully quiet but not in the this-is-so-quiet-that-I'm-afraid-to-talk way. 
This is probably the most messed up book I have ever put my hands on. I won't spoil it for you (just look it up on Google) but it was a little disturbing. I have a bunny myself (a white one even) and I couldn't stop picturing my dear little Snoowey in those situations so I had to put it away :(
There was nothing in it but harmless cartoons though~

After the library, we walked to the little supermarket close to our hotel and brought nuts for snacks, which we enjoyed back at the hotel while listening to k-pop and playing games.
Before going home though, we had made a stop at Chloé'S - a cupcake shop literally right on the opposite side of the road from our hotel. Here the address(es):

Les cupcakeries Chloé'S                 <----- The one we went to                
40, rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle               There is also one on this address -->     47, Avenue Trudaine
75009 Paris                                                                                                    75009 Paris

Every day when we came home, we told ourselves that we HAD to check out this shop because they probably had macaroons too (+ it looked so girly and cute from the outside). They didn't have macaroons... but they had something better: cupcakes!

As you see, EVERYTHING was pink and girly! Even the (super nice!) girl working there! There were cupcakes and bows and hearts on everything~
In the other end of the shop, you could sit down and enjoy the cute atmosphere while enjoying their delicious cupcakes that were all displayed on the front desk in pretty glass stands

Although written on little signs in front of the stands, the girl was nice enough to explain to us what they were all made of. She told us they were all handmade! I mean... cakes are just that much better when you know how much time people put into them - especially ones like these

Maria and I bought two cupcakes that we were going to share and since I paid nuts and water, Maria paid for these. I think she gave around 7€ in total, which is a little pricey, but totally worth trying at least once!
And we got the cutest little bag to carry them home in!

To make it fair, we had decided to pick one each (of course with some consideration to each other because I don't really like raspberry and Maria wasn't a fan of too much chocolate).
The first one we chose was a vanilla one with chocolate chips and the most amazing milk chocolate/nutella'ish cream on top! It was decorated with large sugar balls and a fondant leaf~

The other one was also a vanilla one but with the most amazing liquid caramel inside! On top was a sweet vanilla icing and a chocolate-covered marshmallow teddy bear

Parts of me felt bad that we were hanging out "at home" while instead we could have been out exploring more but tomorrow was going to take a lot of energy so we excused ourselves.
At the hotel we had made a playlist consisting of Boyfriend - Boyfriend, B.A.P - Where Are You?, Shawn Mendes - Life of the party, and The Vamps - Sweather weather (cover) and were listening to them over and over while playing Voltage games (If you like cute anime guys you should look them up!)

As time passed by, we listened to more and more k-pop. In the end we decided to make this our "Asian day" and have dinner at the Japanese restaurant nearby. Maria loves sushi so it was a win-win situation!

Villa Sushi                                <------ I'm not completely sure if the number is 28 or 33 but it's on the  
28, Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle                corner of Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle and Rue la Bruyére
75009 Paris                                          Don't worry, it's easy to find!

Behind the desk sat what looked like a family with middle-aged parents and a girl around our age or only a little older. We were the only costumers from when we came to we went home so it was very peaceful there (it also felt strangely empty...) but I liked our surroundings. 
They had a lot of interesting food but since I wasn't sure of the sushi (sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't) I chose to play it safe and have fried chicken and rice while Maria ordered a "boat" of sushi and some spears with meat on. I'd say the pricing wasn't too bad. 
Also, I apologize for the bad picture quality. The light in there was very orange and dim so it was hard for my camera to focus. 
Soon after we had ordered, the girl/waitress came back with appetizers (these were included with every order it seemed)
We each got this. To the left was a soup with mushrooms and onion. I find it hard to describe the taste because I have honestly never had something like this. It reminded me a little bit of pho.. but then again, not at all. It was cloudy and didn't have so much taste - It got a lot better when we added some soy sauce though~ To the right was some sort of... salad? Again, I have never tasted something like this. It consisted of some shredded (maybe) vegetable and it was very sour! On top were two slices of cucumber, a bit of shredded carrot, and sesame seeds. It was probably healthy so I ate most of this while Maria preffered the soup.
Then came our food! I got sooooo much chicken and it was impossible to eat it all! My rice came in a neat half dome and on the side was some sour and sweet sauce. I really liked my food but I regret not trying their sushi now! I paid 12.60€ for my own food and a cola. It does sound a little pricey but look how huge my plate was! 
Maria let me taste her sushi and it was sooo good! I don't like sushi when I can taste the fish and you really couldn't with this! One the side Maria also got a half dome of rice.
We were also impressed of how it was served (but Maria wasn't too happy about the tails still being on the shrimps). She also had some of the sour and sweet sauce, some wasabi (I think), and... actually I have no idea what the pink stuff was. 
The meat was pretty yummy too! There were ribs, meatballs, some meat with cheese (maybe?), and this strange kind of meat dipped in some sort of marinade. Perhaps it was chicken?
Now since we were the only costumers we had a lot of fun making weird faces while eating and discussing the food. Charming, eh? Check out me imitating a walrus!
Our day ended there and we went back to the hotel to watch anime and charge our inner batteries for our next adventures the day after~  ɞ^0^ʚ

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