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Class trip to Granada, Spain 2/2

The other post was getting too long so I decided to split it in two. Here is the second and last post about our senior class trip to Spain.

Tuesday we had four things to see (after the obligatory morning run) and the first being the tombs of the catholic king and queen, La Capilla Real. We weren't allowed to take pictures here so... I didn't.

Next was La Catedral. Outside we were disturbed by 2-3 overly rude gypsies. One tried to tell Maiken about her future love life when Rikke told Maiken that she would have to ignore it or else the woman would ask for money. The woman apparently understood and HIT Rikke(!?!) while yelling something that meant "no! bad, bad!" in Spanish. Later the two gypsies started yelling loud at each other because one of them succeeded in getting money while the other one didn't.

Anyways, we went in and the catedral was HUUUUGE!

Imagine getting married in this church ._.
There were 4 of these huge organs!
While walking around in there, I looked down at my feet and saw a skull was carved into the coffin-sized area I was standing on. I STOOD ON A GRAVE!!! Ohmygosh! Sorry dead person!!
As I jumped away in shock/fear and made a sound much like what you hear in this clip at 1:58, the girls saw me and laughed.. (/(エ)\)
Such a pretty ceiling~
That day we also saw an old Arab bath and walked El paseo de los tristes. I didn't get any pictures of these places though.. 
*Le once again skipping to next day*
Next day we went on a hike to Museo Cuevas del Sacremonte.
The buildings here had been carved into the mountains and clay painted.
The distinctive blue colour was to find everywhere~ 
Going up~

More to the right there were caves with real people living there! We actually saw a true "caveman"!
To the left in this picture is the Alhambra and further away is the city
The man working at the museum told us to sit down so he could tell the story about why Granada was so heavily influenced by Moor culture and about all the gypsies and people living in caves there. All the Spanish people we met spoke so fast but he managed to tell slowly in very clear Spanish and he used his body language a lot for us to better understand. Our teacher stood beside him and translated into Danish so she could make sure we had understood everything. But really, this guy was so good that I understood most of what he said. We were all very impressed with him and hoping that the next class going to Granada would have him tell them that story too.
He drew in the sand with his fingers to better show us how the history had happened.
When he was done talking we went into the "museum" which was actually just a group of cave houses/rooms. My friend Monika was very excited when she saw a picture of an owl and proudly stood by it when I told her I was going to take a picture.
We had lunch at a restaurant on our way down. Well.. it was more like tapas but I didn't like mine.
 There was the sweetest little white cat running out looking at us and meowing for food. Some of us fed it and at the moment we had put our food on the ground, it ran over to grab it and run to the corner to eat in peace. I was heart-broken when I asked my teacher if people were nice to these stray cats and she simply said: "No! If Spaniards see them, they kick them". Poor kitty 
After we had fed the first one, which had seemed really desperate for food, a second one showed up. It was around the same size and had the same colour so my guess is that they were from the same litter.
There wasn't much food left when it showed up and the first one growled at it when it came to have some of the already thrown food.
Again, I swear if I lived in Spain I would have taken these with me ㅠㅠ
At least most of my classmates acted like normal rational human beings and were nice to the cats.
Once again we continued walking down to visit a traditional Arabic tea house.
The place felt a bit packed when we had all sat down and there was only one waiter to our large group. They had so so many different kinds of tea! While some of the girls I was sitting with ordered tea with stuff like pomegranate and rose petals, I ordered a more simple Japanese tea. 
Each one of us had our tea served in a metal teapot and they were burning hot to touch ;-; We also each picked a dessert~
That evening I went out with Monika and Mette for dinner and a drink. I think I accidentally ordered breakfast for dinner but it was good nonetheless (except for the shrimps, bwadr).
We had also planned for dessert but we were all so full and ended up not having drinks either.

Last day there started out with some "street workout" in a park with "machines" specifically for that. We got quite the attention from people there. But okay... imagine yourself doing your thing and suddenly a large group of, clearly foreigners, begin training out of nowhere right in front of you.

We then went to a real bull fighting arena and had a guide there bringing us around. I'm very much against killing animals for entertainment so I wasn't very fond of the place.
This was where they kept the bull before the fight. In a 9m2 room.
Later that afternoon a bunch of my classmates and I went to Hammam Al Ándaluz Granada, an Arabic bathhouse to enjoy ourselves and have massage. It was a great experience and I would strongly recommend going there if you ever get the chance. 
It was dark and quiet in there. We were not allowed to talk at all (barely whisper) and the only light was from candle lights or the sunlight coming through star-shaped holes in the roof. There were different basins with both hot, ice cold, lukewarm, slightly warm, etc. water. There was also tea placed around the place and although you could only have peppermint tea, it was one of the best teas I have ever had. There were also a room with four different candles with oil in. The oils came in pomegranate, hibiscus, rose, and lavender. Here you could decide which oil you wanted to be massaged with later on~
The girl massaging me was so sweet and I swear I could have fallen asleep if she had kept going. 

My last two pictures were from a stoplight somewhere in the city.
They looked quite different from the ones we have in Denmark. In Danish we have a saying "rød mand stå, grøn mand gå" (red man stay, green man go) and the more I looked at it, the more I thought the red man looked like a gingerbread man which then would break into an epic dance whenever it would turn green
Hombre rojo: quedar
¡Hombre verde: bailar! 

Okay lame joke over... 

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