Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mini haul from Paris

Helloooo girls!
Today I want to do a mini review/haul of the make-up + lashes I bought in Paris!
These four items are all from the brand Bourjois and then there is a mascara from Too Faced
The first thing I want to talk about are the lashes. 
I love the crisscrossed design on these! They're quite long and appear very full when worn. I'd say, because of the design, they're a little too "speciel" for everyday use. I'd use more neutral and basic lashes for school and then save these for when I go out with my friends or attend parties. 
Currently I'm in a frenzy period of time where I don't feel like my selfies turn out good so I'll stick to just the eyes. No whole face pictures this time, sorry girls (ノ´д`
Left: nothing but eyeliner                                    Right: eyeliner and lashes
The lashband is easy to bend and the glue that comes with works aswell. Quite satisfied with these.
Price: 9,99
The Liner Feutre here has become one of my best friends within makeup. The tip is made of felt and the shape very much reminds me of that of a marker. It has helped me create beautiful wings because of its fine tip but, as every other felt-tip eyeliner I've tried so far, it dries out quick - especially if used on top of BB cream. Although the dryness is only temporary, it still is bothersome when you have only finished one eye and you have to be in school in 5 minutes. 
Short before Paris, I had bought the Masterpiece Glide & Define from Maxfactor and I couldn't help but compare the two. While the eyeliner from Maxfactor doesn't dry out nearly as fast, the tip is a bit harder, making it more difficult to draw smooth, straight lines.
Max Factor Masterpiece Glide & Define
A comparison of the two: left is Liner Feutre and right is Masterpiece~ 
For my morning routine I use both: Masterpiece for the actual line and Liner Feutre to smooth it out and draw wings~ The perfect combo!
Price: 12,6€
The #18 eyeshadow here serves as a great highlighter for me. Although it looks white on the pictures, it actually is almost purely made out of white shimmer. I like using it on my browbone and the inner corner of my eye to look more awake and for my eyes to appear brighter. 
It's quite pigmented and you don't need to use much. With my left finger, I drew a circular motion on top of the palette, with my middle finger I swiped across once, and with my right finger I put down my finger and lifted it back up without touching much. 
Price: 11,5€
The Smokey Eyes trio eyeshadow #05 didn't turn out how I'd expected. I am really happy about the two lightest colours; I use the lightest for highlighting and aegyo sal and the middle one to give my eyes a bit of colour. It's a bit lighter than I'd want it to be. The darkest one, however, is not as pigmented and dark as I expected and doesn't work so well when I try to do an ombre look.
The middle and darkest colour are very close to each other in colour and not very vivid so it's hard to tell them apart when worn and that saddens me a little :/
Price: 14,95€
As my own mascara was drying out, it was about time for me to get a new one. When Maria and I went shopping I asked the girl working there to show me the mascaras with the largest brushes because I though those would help me create fuller, longer lashes.
Well, the brush is huge indeed. The largest I've seen really but the hairs are placed rather far from each other.
I haven't used it much yet because I'm still getting accustomed to using it diagonally (if I were to use it like any of my other mascaras, my lashes would clump because of the distance between the hairs) so I can't say much about it.
Price: 21€

I bought much less in Paris than I had expected (Like, what? Where was the cute clothes?!) so this is as long as this haul gets. I'm happy with what I got but it sure is a different price class than what I'm used to :o
Have you had any of these products before? Did you like them?


  1. Really like the crisscrossed look of the lashes!

  2. Such a wonderful beauty haul!!!!

    I love the lashes *0* Looks so natural!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank you Emi, I hope it wasn't too short :3 Great to see you on my blog again!
      Yea the lashes are beautiful! Maybe I should try them in school one day to test them out ^o^


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