Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

This was supposed to be another product review but the truth is that I haven't had the time to finish it yet. ~
*Bows deep in apologize* 

The most important event for our charity group will be held Wednesday and I've been busy making preparations for it.
I have been terrorized by gruesome nightmares almost every night the past 3 weeks, causing me to wake up several times each night only to fall back asleep into new nightmares and now experiencing fatigue due to lack of sleep. 
Our big and scary exam-paper-assignment has begun and since it's such a huge assignment I need to prepare a LOT (which I haven't yet, shame on me), and then there is also the next convention coming up next weekend aaaaaaaand I haven't even finished my costume yet!
Stress level: over 9000! ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

So yea... I still have to take care of all these things before I can sit back down and make a proper post again. I promise I will do my best! Expect the next post in around 2 weeks time unless my luck suddenly turns.

October 31st is probably the one day a year I most genuinely wish I was still back in America
- Not because I want to beg candy from strangers but because I get to dress up and/or truly challenge my make-up skills!

......Buuuuuuuut *reality check* I'm staying in Denmark now and although Halloween has grown more popular the past 5 years or so, it still isn't widely celebrated and dressing up would, therefore, still be considered weird.
So instead of celebrating all hallow's eve last Friday, I actually went to an 80's party as school...
I would have LOVED to make an awesome costume and really get into it but this year I neither had time, money, or a reason to do so.
Lame excuses, I know, and I'm pretty disappointed with myself too. I did, however, get to play with make-up a little due to a sudden urge (probably a side effect from listening to this song on repeat for days). The outcome was this: 
I would love to one day be able to really get into it and make it look more real and scary but for this year, it's all you get~

I'm still practicing my photoshop skills so no way on Earth I'd leave you without a few other versions!
The original~
I'd originally wanted to remove my iris + pupil to make it look like I was wearing a white sclera lens but something went wrong and I accidentally ended up with this cat/snake eye .__.
I had to take the picture in bright light to get the highest picture quality but I like this dark version MUCH more!
Now, I won't say I wasn't proud of this when I took the picture but I will strive to make this even better next year! Wait for it! Only 363 days to go!


  1. Wow, this is pretty creepy. Nice job!

    Mischa | wunderstar

  2. Cute makeup! ^.^

    Thanks for following, I followed back <3

    1. Thank you ^0^
      And my pleasure! I really like your blog :)
      Welcome aboard mine!

  3. cute yet so creepy! love your works <3

    1. Aaah such a slow reply, sorry! > <
      And thank you so very much! <3


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