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[Review] - Geo Starmish Brown circle lenses (on light eyes)

I'm trying out a new layout for my lens reviews so, if possible, please leave some feedback telling me what could be done better and also which swatches you'd like to see (indoor, window light, yellow light, etc.) It would be much appreciated! ♡

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It's been a while since my last lens review, hasn't it? 
Today I'm back with a new review for you girls on some lenses I bought for my Konan cosplay!
This will be a review on the Geo Starmish Brown circle lenses from HoneyColor!

The lenses came in a sweet box like this~ aaaand the reason for that is because, at the time of my purchase, HoneyColor was having a "buy one pair, get one free" offer so I actually got two pairs that day. I will save the reviewonf the other pair for later on~
As always, the lenses came with a cute animal lens case. This time I got blue... bears I think?
The rip was there already when I opened the box. I don't know how ;;
And at last we have the lens in its vial. The colour they are on this picture was exactly what I was looking for so of course I was very excited to try them on.

I feel like I should have taken more picture on different light (oh well, I can do that in my next review). So this time I will have to do with these three taken outside, in window light, and yellow light (in that order) 

The first time I wore them was in school. Since I was going to use them for a convention, I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable enough for me to wear. I put them in around 7am but already started to feel a slight pressure around 11am and around an hour after I had gotten a pretty bad headache. So I took them out and noticed a red halo around my pupil (look to the left of and below my pupil).
(darkened to show the red)
I have earlier experienced problems like that (even my normal daily lenses) so the day of the con I decided to use eye drops right before putting them in. After that, I completely forgot that I was wearing them because they were so comfortable! 
I wore them for way longer than what is recommended (I know, shame on me) and it wasn't before many many many hours had passed that my eyes began to feel tired. So yes, very comfortable. I wouldn't bash them because of my first try with them because that clearly was my own fault for having dry eyes.

 Enlargement    ( 4½)
Having a thick, black limbal ring really helps these lenses are larger and I love it! There's not much more to say. My friends say I look like a doll when I wear them.

Since the lenses were bought solely for the purpose of cosplay, the colour was the most important factor. I looked through countless (not even exaggerating here) of pairs of lenses but either they were the wrong colour, an ugly design, from a sketchy website, or simply like those cheap halloween lenses that don't come with prescription. Then, after days of looking at them, I decided to buy this pair and I truly believe this is the pair of lenses that come closest to the desired amber colour (although they are more of a medium dark honey brown). They're quite vibrant on my light eyes but they seem to be even more vibrant on dark eyes. When not in direct sunlight, they cover my entire iris, making it look like a have naturally big brown eyes.

Geo Starmish Brown was my second pair of lenses and the first pair ever that I bought specifically for cosplay (Konan - Naruto).

I won't say that they have the amber colour I was going for but they certainly are vibrant and much more natural looking than the other lenses I compared them to. Because of them not being too orange, I would seriously consider wearing these for every day use (I have to use my other pairs before they expire though).

Sadly, the colour variation for these lenses is not so great compared to others. They come in this brown colour and  black and I have read that these brown ones have a better enlarging effect than the black ones. Perhaps I should try those too one day?
This marks the end of my review on the Geo Starmish Brown circle lenses from HoneyColor!
I hoped you liked the new "layout". Please tell me if there are some things you think I could do better (^◡^)

You can buy these lenses HERE on HoneyColor and also on PinkyParadise HERE.
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  1. I want to be able to get my mystery gift from Pinky but they never seem to have my prescription in the colors I want! Boo! But I do love the new review.

    1. Oh that sucks! :( Maybe if you try to write them a mail they will restock?
      I hope you will be able to find a suitable pair soon ;;

      Thank you for stopping by also ^_^ I think I will stick to this kind of review from now on

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