Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PinkyParadise - Black Friday Sale (more lenses added)

So as you read in THIS post, PinkyParadise is having a Black Friday sale where you can get 50% off the price on selected lenses. In my other post, I showed you which lenses were included in this sale but yesterday I got a mail from PinkyParadise saying that they had added more lenses to their list on selected lenses to the list! 

Therefore, I present you the new and updated list!
NOTE: The prices listed are the original prices and you will only get the 50% off if you apply the coupon code below when checking out~

Happy shopping <3


  1. Yeah, I bought a backup pair of the venus eye aqua lenses during their Christmas sale, hehe. :)

    1. Woah, if you're buying a backup pair that must mean they're REALLY good. I'm mentally slapping myself for not taking advantage of the offer while I could T__T But oh well, Christmas is such an expensive holiday.

      Also, thank you for stopping by! :)
      I hope you're enjoying your new pair~


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