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[Review] - Missha In Shower Comfort Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin

Hey girls 
(This is a scheduled post since I'm currently working on an exam paper and won't be back before December 19th. I will come back and answer comments by then. Please take good care of yourselves until  ^-^)

Today I'm going to do a review on the In Shower Comfort Hair Removal Cream (for sensitive skin) from Missha
Although there is no way in heaven I'll be going to the beach to flash my legs around this time of the year (mainly because it's freezing cold and going outside like that would be pure suicide), I still want to have nice legs for the few parties I attend or for the days I want to wear dresses.
But, let's be honest, I hate shaving my legs and who doesn't? 

While the side effect vary from person to person, most people I know find that shaving leaves the skin dry and often with those red bumps. The "new" hairs grow back darker than we want them to and don't forget the obligatory cuts everywhere. Oh and then they grow back after a few days and we have to shave again - What a drag!
On the other side, I'm a big fan of waxing my legs during summer time but it takes time since I want to do it thoroughly and I don't feel like going through the pain for the few days I need nice legs during fall/winter.

So when I found this cream I was all up for trying it!
But enough with the back story, let's start the review~

First the package:
The creme comes in a plastic box with a really neat closing mechanism. Sadly I threw it out long ago (before I got to take pictures).
In the box is the cream itself and the sponge that you will be using to remove the hairs with. The sponge it really hard (almost like a foot file) but becomes soft as a marshmallow you put it in water.
The first time you use it, you will have to take off this protective seal. I really like when my products have this because I then know that my item hasn't been used before. I feel like it's extra "clean" although I would never doubt the quality of Jolse's products.

Below are some pictures with information about how it works, the ingredients, and how to apply it. If you want to skip directly to the review then go ahead but I would suggest you read the application method thoroughly if you are considering buying it :)

[I don't know Korean grammar so my translations might not be 100% correct but I've tried my best]
Speedy: Quickly removes hair. Mild: Mild and irritation. Aromatic: Fresh scent with a pleasant feeling. Rinsable: Shower type. Rinse with water. Treatment: Moisturizing sensitive skin with aloe vera gel, licorice extract and chamomile extract.
Maximizes contact Melts fast + spreads lightly
             Optimal penetration Softening oil: softens hair. Softening actives: softens cuticle and makes it flexible
Cuts hairs Thioglycolic acid: effective hair cutting
Coats skin surface Coating Film: Skin moisturizing & soothing ingredients

A mild concentration of thioglycolic acid makes it an effective way for a quick and easy hair removal.
02 Main components [calming and protecting components]
Wild chamomile extract prevents skin damage. Aloe vera gel soothes skin. Jojoba oil creates a flexible shield on the skin. Licorice extract relieves skin irritation. Avocado oil protects skin layer.

03 Application method
  1. Apply the cream gently with your hands on a completely dry area (before taking a shower/bath) to remove the hair.
  2. Wash it off your hands right after application.
  3. Leave on and after 90 second to 3 minutes, remove the hair (going in the same direction as the hair grows) with the included sponge and rinse thoroughly with water afterwards. 
  4. If the hair is not easily removed, allow the cream to stay a some 2-3 minutes more (depending on skin condition) and continue removing the hair. Do NOT let the cream stay on more than 5 minutes in total!
  5. Clean off any residue cream in the shower after hair removal. Let the sponge stay wet for instant use. Clean the tube and keep it closed when no longer in use. 
[Terms of use]
  1. It is recommended that you test the product on a small area of skin at least 24 hours before use. If no skin irritation has occurred, you can use the cream. 
  2. The hair removal cream is sensitive so please do not expose to strong sunlight.
  3. Do not use if you are a pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing mother.
+ Including an advanced plump and fluffy marshmallow-like sponge~ to gently remove hair without irritation. 
I am generally very pleased with this product!
Due to the fact that absolutely nothing was written in English on the package + bad translation, the cream didn't work the first two times that I used it because... I didn't know how to use i properly. One of the times I stepped into the shower and used it while my legs were soaked and the other time I forgot, but it doesn't matter now.

Oh and the smell was terrible! It was like a mix between farts and paint. Gross! 
I had almost given up on this product and was about to write a review on how it didn't work and blabla but decided to sit down and properly translate everything thoroughly. After that I tried using the cream one more time and I was so surprised with the outcome!

My legs were extremely soft and there was no hair to be seen: it literally fell off when I brushed over my skin with the sponge. When I first applied it, my legs felt slightly warm but it wasn't bothersome at all. As I worked my way up my legs, I found that, personally, it works best for me if I wait at least 3 minutes. 
Instead of doing my entire leg at once, I parted my legs in smaller areas (like lower tibia, upper tibia, knee, etc.) and applied a layer that was slightly thinner than shown in the picture above.

I think they forgot to list the ingredient "magic" because when I washed my legs after "shaving" with the sponge, the smell was gone and replaced by a fresh, clean smell! (The cream still smells when you apply it though so I'd advice you to open a window while doing it).

Lastly, would I buy it again? 
I'd like to try out some other hair removing products to compare the effect but I sure am happy with it.
So I suppose that would be a yes.

If you'd like to try out this product, you can buy it from Jolse's eBay store HERE.

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