Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!


Sorry for my absence!! ʿ⁽(⁰ ⌂ ⁰;)⁾⁾ʾʾ

I was planning to take a small break over the holidays to just relax and finally enjoy not having do do anything... 
Then I had a friend stay over (which kept me from blogging) until school started and JUST as school started and I was supposed to go back to writing..... I got sick with the most painful throat inflammation that seriously NO painkillers could stop. Eventually I had to surrender and now... I don't have anything to post at the moment... (◞‸◟;) 

Sorry sorry sorry sorry... *Super Junior dancing in the background*

No really! 
I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates!
Sadly, it doesn't seem like I will have time to write anything before the weekend so this post is really just to let you know that I haven't abandoned you all... or died of the plague ♡

I'm waiting for the newest products I ordered to arrive and also considering if I should host my first give away soon. I have no idea how all that works yet sooo... there's something to read up on! 

Other than that, I hope you've had a nice start of the year.
If you are really desperate for something to read you can always go on my personal blog [Click me!] where I made a post about my New Year's resolutions while I still had the energy to go to school.
Did you make any resolutions?

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