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J-Popcon 2015

Heeeeey everyone!

I apologize for the lack of posts! My classmate, Maiken, complained two days ago that I hadn't updated my blog for a while and I got to see the look of disappointment in one of my precious readers' eyes firsthand.

But I want no more of that!
Forget about sleep deprivation caused by the con! I've got readers to entertain!

I've been too busy to blog lately because I've been spending 110% of my freetime working on a cosplay that I was going to use for one of the two largest cons here in Denmark - J-Popcon 2015!
I finished JUST in time and guess what went down last weekend?
Yup. J-Popcon! 
So naturally, today's post will be on that. (Read J-Popcon part 2 HERE)

I'm going to share with you the pictures I took and all the fun stories. I'm also going to use a few pictures of my friends and I taken by others but I'll make sure to credit the rightful owners. We had a small group consisting of me and my two friends Jasmin and Siw. Both recently made their own cosplay pages on Facebook so if you're into this kind of stuff you should definitely check them out!
Their names are J-Me Cosplay and Yōsei Cosplay DK. And if you'd like to check out my page, search for Lucy Hart or simply click my name.
~ ~ ~
The con began Friday but since those responsible had written on the website that they could use some extra help setting up the day before and because we could get cheap train tickets, we decided to leave around noon Thursday.


So in the morning I went to school and met up at the train station with the others after 2nd period.

← While packing the night  before. I thought I'd packed too much (everything was supposed to go into the bag behind the fruit) but Jasmin and Siw had packed way more!

We had soooo much luggage that we had to squish our way through the train and when we had finally put everything away, there was little space for us to sit. A lot of the luggage was actually food because... con food is expensive and we're fat like that.
It was a 3 hour train ride from our city to Copenhagen but it felt so much shorter. We talked about cosplay all the way and I'm pretty sure the old people beside us thought of us as freaks but hey, we've only got the fun we make ourselves.

While sitting there, nerding people out, Siw received a mail saying that they didn't need the extra help anyways because we couldn't get the halls before Friday.

"... Oh? Sooo... what do we do now? We're basically homeless for the rest of the day."

Jasmin had agreed to come early too to help the maids bake and she contacted the guy in charge of the maid café, Emil, who said that we should 'just come over and then we'd figure out something'.
Siw and Jasmin were sitting across from me in the train~

We got off in the afternoon at Valby train station and walked half a kilometer before meeting up with one of the maids who led us to the "bakery" in a building called Kraftwerket. It took us 15-20 minutes to get there (!!!) because our bags were so heavy and we had to switch shoulder every 5 minutes. It didn't help that Siw the week before had sprained her shoulder.
There were a lot of people when we first came and we had nothing to do but to cut apple slices. As time passed by, we were upgraded to baking cakes and ended up being in charge of the cheese cakes. I swear, if somebody came to my room in the middle of the night and asked me to recite it, I'd be able to! 
In the end, we ended up doing most of the work as people left one after the other.
Emil stopped the few of us left in the evening and proclaimed that we'd all been such good workers so he'd have a few of us go get pizza on J-Popcon's expense. Bam! Dinner was saved!

Time passed and we were still unsure where to go. Siw had some f(far out) amily in the area'ish but we couldn't get in contact with any of them and even the hostels were preeeeetty pricey at this time! Emil noticed our struggle and, at his request, one of the guys, Thorbjørn, suggested we go stay the night at his place. We'd have to sleep in the same room as him, which wouldn't really matter since he seemed genuine, we were 3, and it would be such short time. It was really nice of him but Siw wasn't too happy about it and we ended up asking Emil if we could stay at the "bakery" for the night, which he agreed to. Wooh! We weren't homeless for the night anymore and our sleep was saved!

Around 11pm or so, most of the cakes had been made but a LOT of them hadn't actually been baked yet because the oven was so small. The maids had all gone home and with only half the work done, Emil pleaded us to stay up and bake the rest since we were staying there anyways. In return he'd give us a ride to DGI-byen in the morning where the convention would be held (which was GREAT because it would have been really hard for us to walk. Even to the bus/metro). Yes! Now we wouldn't have to walk those 3.3 kilometers the next day! Of course we agreed!

The "bakery" that we ended up sleeping at.
It didn't take long before the rest had left and after that we pretty much went into a baking frenzy so we could at least get a little bit of sleep. We'd finished the cheesecakes and the apple-cinnamon cakes just needed to be baked. But we still had to make a bunch of chocolate cakes and a loooooot of muffins!
*Cutting the chocolate*
Look at this pretty pink dough used for the muffins!
And here are some of the apple-cinnamon cakes waiting to be baked. We filled two entire tables with these!
Jasmin being the maid she was and seductively presenting the last tray of muffins ~
Look at our babies <3
After finishing the muffins, all there was left to do was to wait for the rest of the cakes to bake.
All of us had different methods to stay awake.

I ran around taking pictures,

Jasmin jumped around posing for the camera,
and Siw is a big fan of vegetables and fruit so she attempted to eat all the leftover apple slices. I'm sad I couldn't have taken a picture just 3 seconds before. Her face was so happy, like "OMG I can eat as many apples as I want!"
When things grew too quiet, one of us would make a weird sound scream in panic and wake the other two of us up. Then we'd scream back and laugh at each other. We jumped around doing this and it was one big happy mess. This picture pretty much explains the chaos we had going on.

At 3.30am the cakes were finally finished and we could go to sleep. There were no beds so we built some out of the benches. There was little space but we managed!

The next day Emil and one named Allan, who is the former owner of the other largest con in Denmark, Genki, would come around 7.30am so we didn't have much time to sleep in. Emil had a meeting in the morning with the other organizers and had to take us and the cakes to the con before going there.

Dinner, a place for the night, and a ride had been fixed just like that. Everything worked out!

I'm going to split the post about J-Popcon into 3 or 4 since they're going to be too long if not.
I'm still waiting for the pictures Jasmin and Siw took so it will be a few days before the next post will be up. Hopefully it won't be too long!

Have you ever been to a con before? Did you also end up almost-homeless for a couple of hours?


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