Friday, March 20, 2015

Will be back on March 27th

Hey guuuuurls and gaaaaaaaais! 

I received the rest of the pictures from J-Popcon but it'll be some days before the next post will be up.
The reason is that I'm currently working on an exam paper that's due Friday the 27th but before I can write it, I have to take care of an English essay that I have to turn in on Monday. This weekend I won't have much time since I also have to attend my friend's birthday so I'm afraid I will have to put my school work first before blogging.

It's pretty unlikely that I'll be back before Friday but until then you are very welcome to stop by my personal blog. Saturday last week was my senior ball and I've put a looooot of pictures up from the party on there.
Have a look!

I'll see you all soon!
Take care until then!

(P.S I see that some of you have left comments. Thank you for that! <3 I'll reply as soon as possible)

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