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J-Popcon 2015 II

This is the second post about the latest convention I went to. You can read the first post HERE.

So it's been a while since I wrote the first post and to be honest I had almost forgotten about it due to school work. But now is my Easter break and I finally found some time to dig up the pictures and write about it again. The pictures in this post are not the best (definitely not the same high quality as found in my reviews) and I apologize for that. Most were taken in the glimpse of a moment to catch the atmosphere so all I ask of you is: to feel the excitement that we felt in the moments the pictures were taken.

I'm once again going to be using my own as well as the pictures taken by my friends behind J-Me Cosplay (Jasmin) and Yōsei Cosplay DK (Siw). I only put some of the pictures up on my page but you shall be welcome to have a look anyways.

Aight, let's get this post started!
~ ~ ~
[Flashback to last post]
"The next day Emil and one named Allan, who is the former owner of the other largest con in Denmark, Genki, would come around 7.30am so we didn't have much time to sleep in. Emil had a meeting in the morning with the other organizers and had to take us and the cakes to the con before going there"
[End of flashback]

At 3.30am we finally could go to sleep!
We woke up early and right as we sat up in "bed", Allan walked into the room, being exposed to our homely sleepy faces. Damn. Emil, the one in charge of the maids, came short after and we drove with him and Allan, crammed into a car, cakes on our thighs, to the place where the con would be held - DGI-byen.
Today was the first day of the con and both Allan and Emil had meetings to attend to before it would officially begin so the three of us (Siw, Jasmin, and I) were left to set up the maid café. At some point, two of the other organizers came in while were were setting up and asked for someone to drive them to the nearest store. Siw was the only one with a driver's license so she had to go - leaving the rest to Jasmin and I. We spent FOREVER moving tables and food into place! Finally Emil came back and told us we could take a break and that we were allowed to put the actual maids to work when they decided to show up. Once again we'd done their job for them and they weren't downright willing to help except for two of the guys. 
Progress picture! This was taken before the decorations were put up and the tablecloths were added.
Proudly showing our gopher/maid signs!

The con officially opened at 2pm and it was also now that I had my first shift!
I felt super lucky since I got to be in the reception and welcome/check-in the many wonderful cosplayers - many of which had been participating in the cosplay walk through the city before ending up at the con.
Although... the entire first half hour, the internet was down and we could do nothing but stand, wait, and occasionally chat with the cosplayers, who all did a really good job waiting! I didn't hear even a single complaint!
Another gopher said that we all had to wear antlers and suddenly we were reindeer!

I was standing beside the girl up in the corner with an orange shirt (the gopher shirt) and black hair and when the internet came back, she and I had a little (friendly) fight on who could check in most people. To lure them over we'd wave, wink, and make the funniest faces!
The press filmed the girl and I close-up several times (maybe because of our explosive enthusiasm) and after having checked in one of them (who also made a remark about how "horny" I looked because of the antlers) and telling him where and when to get the best pictures, he thanked me for the 'excellent smiling service' and left. It's so nice when people appreciate your work! That really made my day!

Time flew by and after two hours my shift was over! Siw had also been standing in the reception and hers ended now as well. We went over to the maid café to say hi to Jasmin, whose own shift was starting.
On our way out I snapped this quick picture of these two Finn and Fionna cosplayers!

In the café we also met Emil who told Jasmin to take a break with us and that we could have anything on his treat since we had been such good workers. Emil sure knows how to keep his minions happy!
We had a piece of chocolate cake, one of the pink vanilla muffins, and a melon pan.
We finished just in time for the opening cosplay show!
Jasmin had to work so Siw and I hurried over and merged into the queue (gopher perks) and found seats right in the middle of the front row. 

First, an act about appointing the new leader of J-popCon took place and then the 3 international cosplayers were introduced - These were going to be the judges in the main cosplay show Saturday.
The first to be introduced was AmenoKitarou from Australia with an armor so breathtaking that the entire hall went quiet in amazement for a full 3 seconds before erupting in applause!
Second was Yuegene Fay from Thailand. I was so excited to see a character that I actually knew (Ukyo from Amnesia) and she portrayed him so well!
The last was J.Hart from New York, who looked like the perfect prince taken out of any fairytale!

We were sitting right beside the press guy and as soon as he recognized us he turned to me and said "Weren't you the one who gave me such good service with a smile? Thank you for that!"
Day made once again!

Jasmin's shift and the opening show ended at the same time so afterwards we went to look around the dealers hall. There were sooo many stands with everything ranging from posters to plushies to cd's to clothes to lenses and much much much more. Jasmin absolutely loves fairies and was really excited when we met Tinkerbell and Vidia!

We also met Yuegene Fay and AmenoKitarou. Both were talking to people and seemed really down to Earth. We actually had a short talk with Ameno before taking his picture and being handed his business card. At first he gave me one with a picture of him cosplaying from Free! but seeing my confused/starstruck expression (from being handed a business card) he asked if I knew the anime to which I replied no and then handed me a new one with an anime I actually knew!

Yuegene gave us a fierce look in this picture! .. or maybe it was just her neatly done eye make-up?

I was half cosplaying Eto (from Tokyo Ghoul) that day so naturally I had to get a picture with Kaneki who had been talking to Yuegene before we went over there.

My friend, Quan, also snapped a quick picture before I had to leave! Thanks Quan!~
Siw in the background as Stitch!

Siw stayed in the dealers hall (her next shift was nearing) while Jasmin and I went for a tea ceremony.
A young guy let us into a room (only 20 people at a time so it wouldn't be crowded) and we were placed in the front. Then four elder ladies held the ceremony - in Japanese!
Once in a while they'd stop and one of them would address us directly and explain in English what they had done/said and why. Two young girls and the guy served tea and cake for us at the same time as the women.
It was a very interesting experience to observe them. Who could have known a simple tea ceremony would be so influenced by rituals? One thing I noted was how much they bowed!
Following the tea ceremony we hurried to one of the event rooms where Siw was reading Japanese folktales aloud as part of her shift.

She had her next shift just 30 minutes later so we went to the maid café for her to eat. When she left, Jasmin and I went to the basement to try out the haunted house. We waited HALF AN HOUR in the line outside because only 3 were allowed in at a time -_-
At least we made some cool friends. The girls behind us were also One OK Rock fans and the guys in front of us were actually the pirates/gophers that had been entertaining people at the last con I was at.
When it was finally our turn, the gophers handed us a pair of large goggles that had been completely covered with black tape except for a tiny square in the middle, meaning you weren't able to see what was beside, above or below you unless you were to turn your entire body.
When you were let in there were long strands of white cloth, some stained with fake blood, hanging from the ceiling everywhere (as if it wasn't hard enough to see already). It was a long corridor with turns here and there and everything was white. It wasn't dark in there like most haunted house, oh no - it was completely lit up and felt more like one of those freaky mental asylum games.
So anyways we were walking, arms linked, and I was convinced that someone would jump at us from behind so I turned back a few times only to see nothing. But as soon as I had returned to my original position SOMETHING GRABBED MY ARM!!!! It wasn't just stroking me nor was it grabbing me tightly but something in between! I freaked out and screamed and Jasmin and I both ran down the corridor as fast as we could while being faced with various people and having others follow us.

At 11pm we went to hear bedtime stories for +18. These consisted of bad fanfics (in English) that some gophers had collected from all around the internet. They introduced the stories to us and then we all had to agree which ones we wanted to hear. Three chairs were placed in front of us and the gophers were going to read the ones we wanted to hear aloud but you were welcome to do it if you pleased.
There were some REALLY strange ones and it was fun hearing people's reactions. Personally, my views on Hogwarts and giant squids have forever changed.

One of the stories was a Link x reader and an acquaintance of mine, who always cosplays Batman, went up to read. He made the deepest, most manly voice whenever the first person (female) narrator said something and ended off the story clarifying how Link made her feel like a woman. It was hilarious!

When Siw's shift ended at midnight, we all met up in the maid café. In the evenings the café would turn into a karaoke bar with waaay more people attending than I would have thought. We didn't get to sing though - too many people had requested songs before we came.
That night (or morning) we went to bed at 1.30am - and this time in an actual gopher sleeping hall!

Siw on the biiig mattress, Jasmin in the middle, and me (almost) on the floor. After such a long day it didn't take us more than 5 minutes to fall asleep~ 


  1. You looked like you had a blast! I have been wanting to go to some type of Con for awhile :)
    -Jenna <3
    I followed on GFC, follow back? The Chic Cupcake

    1. I sure did! Really? You should go to one! Maybe try one of the smaller ones first so you won't be overwhelmed by the many people :o

      I'd love to, welcome aboard!

  2. wow, fascinante, me ha encantado!!!!

    1. ¡Muchas gracias!
      ¡Estoy feliz que te gusta! :)

  3. Omg that looked like fun!! That armour is so cool!! Makes me want to cosplay hahahaha!

    1. Oh yes! He actually held a workshop (which I heard was really great) where he taught people how to make stuff like that but I didn't get to go since I had a shift T T

  4. This looked fun~ you have a cool blog ^^
    *I've also replied to your comment ^w^

  5. Ah, this was so fun to read! ^^ Seems you had an amazing day and I'm actually a bit jealous that you met Yuegene.
    Finally I saw your finished cosplay and that Kaneki you took photos with looked also cool. ^-^

    1. Aaawh that makes me really happy to hear! Thank you! ^-^;
      Yuegene was so cool! I wish I could've spoken to her but she seemed so busy and I didn't want to disturb her too much ;-;
      That Kaneki was really great! I loved how he remember every detail (did you see his/her nailpolish?)


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