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J-Popcon 2015 IV

I present you the last post about J-Popcon (at least from this year)! Find the previous posts here → first day, second day, third day.
Low quality, shaky pictures belong to Jasmin (J-Me Cosplay), Siw (Yōsei Cosplay DK), and myself unless otherwise stated (because ain't nobody got time to stop and take pretty pictures when so much is going on around you).

[Flashback to last post]
"A LOT of people had come to play Mafia and it took them forever to explain the rules. I never got to play as I had to leave around 1am - shift next morning! Meanwhile, Siw and Jasmin were singing karaoke until I-don't-even-know-but-it-was-late"
[End of flashback]

That morning I had a shift from 8.00-10-00 and it was so early that I didn't even have time for breakfast (my closest friends know that I can barely exist without it)! ㅠ︵ㅠ

Well, the good news was that all I had to do was to ask people to show their bracelets before going further into the building... oh, and that my partner was the other half of Team Trash!
At first it was just the two of us but soon her friend came to keep us company and, to my luck, Jasmin came too - with breakfast! I guess we seemed to have fun because more and more random people sat down around us and soon we were a whole bunch! I had two girls sitting by my side:
one cosplaying Scotland (Hetalia - fan character), who entertained us with dirty jokes and stories about how she and a boy cosplaying England (Hetalia) the day before kept ending up together in the Anime Dating Game event, and a girl cosplaying her own original character from a book she's working on.

It seems neither Scotland or I had checked the weather beforehand as I was in shorts and she was in kilt - but the OC (own character) cosplayer kept us warm under her big dress ♡

Like a knight in shining armor dirty clothes on her noble steed! (and the other half of Team Trash in the background!)

At noon I went to the maid café to pick up Jasmin for the cosplay show! (Siw had a shift). Yesterday's show was the serious one with qualifications for the international shows at stake while today's was more just for fun - and fun it was!
This one is in Danish but I'm sure you'll understand some of it just from watching. Here's what's going on: Team Rocket is trying to catch Pikachu, using cookies as bait. Buuuut they are both hungry and come up with excuses to the other so they can grab a cookie in secret. Jessie catches James in the act and and in the end they're blasting off as always. [NOTE]: Song ends at 1:24.
This last one wasn't fun nor was it meant to be. We were just really impressed by how in character both of them but especially Peter was! 

The show ended earlier than planned because some of the groups weren't able to perform after all so Jasmin and I walked around looking at other cosplayers in the dealer room for a bit before my next shift. I had to get a picture of this group, look how adorable the one with a teapot atop her head was!
[EDIT]: I later found out that she's cosplaying a character named Royal Milk Tea from the Tea Time artbook, created by Japanese artist Sakizo - famous for her food inspired designs.

AND LOOK WHO ME MET!!! I SO regret not wearing my Misty cosplay that day ;´⌓`;

We too were constantly stopped by people who wanted pictures.
Thanks to my Batman acquaintance for taking this one!
Jasmin as Starfire (Teen Titans) and me as Eto (Tokyo Ghoul)

My last shift was from 2pm to 4pm. Same mission as earlier: make sure nobody gets in without showing their armband first. However, this time I was sitting by the entrance to the same hall as the closing ceremony would be held in.

The first hour I was alone while Siw and Jasmin had gone to Yuegene Fay's event about character portraying.
Not going to lie, it was pretty boring sitting there. I spent most of the time kicking and waving like Eto

←Thanks to my friend Quan once again for this!

Once in a blue moon, a person I knew of would pass by and I'd cry out to them to praise their costumes. Fabian here was one of them. He does craft foam armors and did a workshop at Genki last year that I attended. Indeed a humble guy.

Some people would pass by a bit too quick for me to check their armbands so I'd have to call them over. As I did so, I realized one of them was an "entertainer"/blogger whom I was following on Facebook and, in a moment of insanity, decided to go:
"I know who you are! You're Chrille!"
(seen in retrospect that was probably overly creepy)
He went:
"wait.. Lucy??"
and then we had a small chitchat before he went on.
I was really surprised that he 1) knew who I was 2) remembered me and 3) actually recognized me/my cosplay .__.

Not long after, Jasmin and Siw came over. My shift was about to end and the other gophers had almost finished setting up for the closing ceremony. With not many people inside yet (only gophers were allowed - the rest were queuing up outside), we took some more pictures.

Once they opened, we ran inside and got a spot on the very first row after the judges' table (you can see it to the right)

Siw looks creepaaaaay

At the end of the show, all gophers and organizers got on stage and were thanked for their good work followed by an applause from the attendees.

When we were about to leave, I finally pulled myself together and asked for a picture with the Kaneki and Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul) cosplayers that I had been eyeing ever since the first day. They were soooo nice, told me they would like to do an actual photoshoot some day with several Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers and asked if I wanted to join - UHM, YES!

Right after, another girl came up to Siw, Jasmin, and I and asked if we would like to be part of Project Kiss the Dragon? ... Sure! All we had to do was to kiss her friend with the (awesooome) dragon mask!
Their mission was to spread love to J-Popcon 2015 by collecting as many kisses as possible and take pictures of them to upload on Facebook. You can find the girl cosplaying the dragon, Dragen, and her folder with the 298 other kisses HERE.

When the cosplayers had left it was the gophers' job to clean the place. We had to leave a little earlier though due to a train we had to take. My friend, Phillip, and I hadn't said goodbye to each other so he drove for like an hour just go get back to the con to do that. Wooooah much friendship. Now that he was already there, he also gave us a ride to the train station. Even though it was only some 100 meters away, it was a HUGE help (especially with Siw's dislocated shoulder) since we wouldn't have to drag those giant bags with us .

We had some troubles with the train being late (this seems to happen every time that you REALLY don't want it to happen) and had to switch at some point to catch the next. Now, right as we got on, the train people figured that we would've probably been better off staying on the first... aaaand then we got stuck in Odense (a Danish city) for an hour, in the middle of the night, waiting for the last train.
As we were sitting there, tired, physically and of the trains, I grabbed my phone and scrolled through Facebook - just to see that Chrille had posted a new status on his page.
This made my night! I didn't know that my randomly saying hi had meant so much ‾̥̥̥̥̥̑⌣‾̥̥̥̥̥̑ 

We finally got on the last train and were back in our own city around 2am.
Luckily none of us had first period the next day and I'm still impressed by how we all managed to NOT get sick after having been around so many people for so long. It took me a couple of days to catch up with the sleep deprivation though.

All in all, J-Popcon 2015 was a huge success and I cannot wait to go to the next one!
all for some GREAT days!

Now, have a picture of me sleeping on the train home. Because nothing says you've had a good con as pictorial evidence that you can sleep any time, anywhere afterwards!

Entrance armband + my VIP gopher card!


  1. Aww I'm glad you had fun!! :D and you cosplay was put together really well!! i wonder how long it took to get you wrapped up like that? ahahaha!
    And yes! I really love the teapot girl's outfit!!! It's so pretty and frilly <3 I wonder if it's a cosplay for an anime character... because if it is, I really need to watch that anime! haha!

    1. t was really great! ^_^ Thank youuuuu hahah it took me way too long! I can't even imagine what I would've done if my friend hadn't been helping me q__q
      She was probably the most adorable girl of the entire con *--* Hahah I'm with you on that! I'd love to see that character in action!

  2. Oh wowwww, looks amazing! Your cosplay looks great!
    would you like to do the tag as well? :') i can tag you in if you want? ^^

    1. It was! Thank you so much ^o^ I'm still a bit bummed I didn't get to wear the whole thing, buuuh.
      I'd love to ^^

  3. Ahh, Team Rocket looks good! >w<
    Reading your posts made my want to go to a convention again so badly now, haha. ^^"

    1. Go go! ^_^ Hahah, I'd love to read about other peoples' con experiences~
      Oooh it was so great! The Jessie cosplayer almost hit James with her hair from time to time ^ワ^

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    If you like animation, please visit my blog sometime.
    It is different also, in other way.

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you like it :)

      Sure I'd love to!

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