Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Game day outfits!

Shoop da whoop I'm back!

Today is going to be a little different from my usual beauty / cosplay posts. Oh yes, today I'm going to feature CLOTHING! Gasp!

You see.. I was recently made aware of a website called Fanatics, which is a leading online retailer specializing in sports apparel. Why am I telling you this? Because I was asked to create what I thought would be the perfect sports ensemble using one of the MLB (Major League Baseball) hats from that site as well.
I like these kinds of "challenges" so of course I accepted!

Everyone can throw an outfit together but since I was asked to do it it must be because someone out there wanted me to add my own personal touch to it, right? Riiight?
I admire people who can say that they like wearing black or dyeing their eyebrows pink... but for me, I have never been able to say that I follow a specific style. Some days I feel like being all girly and cute while other days I want to show off a more chic side of myself. That is why I put together not one but two collages showing what I would like to wear if I were to watch a baseball game again - or perhaps just hang out with friends!

Are you ready to see what I came up with?
Here goes:

Bright n' girly
For this look I chose the Boston Red Sox New Era Women's Tech Essential Diamond Era 9TWENTY Adjustable Hat - White (whew, what a long name) from Fanatics' Red Sox hats page - because I have a love for white hats as these can be used with many different kinds of outfits.
With a continuous white color this outfit it sort of toned down, which allows the wearer the freedom to wear more make-up without looking too pretty for a simple baseball game.
The way the top is cut adds a bit of cute while the red skirt attracts attention and gives the overall look more of a girly feel. I chose platforms instead of heels to give a bit of height while still keeping it practical.
It's bright and fresh!

How about this?

Colourful kpop
I always feel super inspired when watching Korean idols who dare to mix colours in ways that people in my country would have never thought of. The results are bold and vibrant looks!
For this outfit I picked New Era Chicago Cubs Classic Wool 59FIFTY Fitted Hat - Royal Blue from the Chicago Cubs hats page. I chose this cap for 3 reasons: the colour that can be paired with almost anything, the simple design, and the straight shadow, which, opposed to the hat used in bright n' girly, gives a more 'raw' look. I paired the hat with a matching skirt and a pair of neutral high tops to not drag away any attention from this adorable light blue varsity jacket, which is 110% inspired by the colourful idols.
The human eye is drawn to contrasts so I threw in a yellow top to stir away from a completely blue look. We end up with a sporty look, perfectly fit for summer's sandy beaches, bright sky, and blue water.
Hat - New Era Chicago Cubs Classic Wool 59FIFTY Fitted Hat - Royal Blue
Shoes - High Tops
Top - Mindy tank

These were just two of the MANY hats that Fanatics offer so in case you'd rather want a hat from another team or maybe one in another colour or style, go check out their website!

Have you ever been to a baseball game?
What would your ideal outfit be like? I'd love to hear!


  1. Love your picks ^^

    1. Thank you ^^ I was afraid the first might have been too simple for many~


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