Friday, June 5, 2015

Fall with... Tag

Today I'm going to make a short, fun post. I'm going to do the "Fall with... Tag" at the request of the lovely Michelle behind the blog MishCheungX 。^‿^。

1. If you could fall for one of your eyebrows, left or right, which one would it be and why?
    Right! For some reason it's much easier for me to give this one my preferred straight shape while the left lacks hair in     the middle.
2. If any celebrity could fall for you, which celebrity would it be?
    Aishhh don't ask me this I cannot choose just one! 
    It'd either be Jung Daehyun from B.A.P or Key from SHINee since those are my two ultimate biases -  look at them.
    Just LOOK at them! ajfhefbejk
 (I totally did not spend half an hour watching gifs of them just now)
Though.. if I absolutely had to pick one I'd say Daehyun because of this:
He's saying "I love you" in my mother tongue! Daehyun that is not fair!!

3. If you could fall anywhere on earth where would it be?
    Korea or Japan maybe~ I'd also love to be in Sweden as of right now
4. If you could fall into a jukebox and listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life what song would it be?
    I'm sure that'd make anyone crazy but I'd enjoy Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven for a while!
5. If you could fall into a movie, which movie would it be?
    Wow this one is too hard. I haven't watched many movies lately and I can't remember the ones I watched long time           ago. As long as it's not a horror movie I think I'd be fine!
6. If you could fall back in time where would you fall back in time too?
    Either to ancient Greece to experience the birth of democracy or to the time of King Frederik the 3rd in hopes of             persuading him not to attack Sweden -_- Again, hard to choose.
    Or wait!!! Am I allowed to fall back to the future? Because then I totally would!
7. If you could fall and hit your head and lose a memory, what memory would you lose?
    Oooh-ho-hoooh there's quite a few things I'd like to forget
8. If you could fall into any season and stay in it all year around, which season would it be?
    Summer. I love winter too with its snow but there is so much cute clothes to wear during summer and people seem           happier in general.
9. If you were going to fall into trouble, what would it most likely be?
    Getting lost in a foreign country and unable to find my way "home".
10. If you were to fall into £1 million and you could spend it in one shop, what shop would it be?
    Ikea! I'd buy all their cool furniture and build a gigantic house for tourists to stay in for free.

Michelle didn't list a specific number on many people she had to tag and it seems the blogger that tagged her has taken down her page sooo... I'll just tag whoever comes to mind:

Tina - l0vepirate
Carisse - My Darling Rainbow
Jenna H - The Chic Cupcake (her post HERE)

If you're reading this and would like to be tagged as well, just say so in a comment - or do it anyways! You're free! 
Have fun falling!


  1. Thank you so much for your comment. <3
    I thought about updating my blog lately, but I just wasn't motivated enough yet.
    But you made me so happy, I think I will make a post soon!
    Also thanks for tagging me. Which questions am I supposed to answer?

    1. Hahah and thank you for YOUR comment ^-^ <3
      Aaawh <3 I hope you don't feel forced to write now :x But I'll look forward to your next post! I'm sure a lot of us will~
      You're welcome and aah, I'm sorry if I wasn't being clear enough. You're supposed to answer the same 10 questions written in gray as I :)

  2. Thank you! ^^ I'll have a look!

  3. Nice post~ I think I would hate getting lost in a foreign country... T-T

    1. It is super scary!!

      Thank you, and thank you for always stopping by <3

  4. Hey! I just did this tag because you tagged me a while back :) Check it out!!!!!! <3

    1. I saw it a couple of days back on my feed! Thanks for doing it and telling me! :)
      I'll link it in my own post so the readers can more easily find yours ^^ <3


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