Saturday, June 13, 2015

SVScon 2015

The last to be held!

For this con Jasmin, Siw, and I had prepared to participate in the cosplay show but they ended up having too many candidates and we had to postphone our plans for who-knows-how-long.
↑This↑ added to the facts that I had no money nor time (because Khla visited us) to make a new cosplay or repair the old ones resulted in SVS being a very laid-back con on my part, which means that I didn't cosplay much that weekend. Soooo if you're reading this post in hopes of seeing our awesome costumes, I will have to disappoint you ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞᵞ
Being spontaneous and all is great but I simply failed to make the best out of it this time.

I don't have as many stories from this con because... nothing went as planned. I thought it was going to be Siw, Jasmin and I buuuuuuut their friends from school were going too and we ended up being a group of 15 people(!!). Although they were all friends, there were also traces of drama (especially love drama. ugh) to find. When this happened and since I didn't know them well, I felt a little out of place and just wandered off to be on my own.
 Well, now that I'm done complaining, let's see things from the positive side and have a look at some of the few pictures I took.

My packing was done last minute and my cats were a great help as you see!
The con was held in a city named Herning about an hour away from my city and we all went together. Siw gave me a ride buuut since there was some sort of event at their school and had to buy food afterwards, we left pretty late'ish. The gophers were surprised by our large number but they managed to place us all on one row in the sleeping hall. We were in the opposite end of the door meaning that not as many people would have to walk by, which was really nice at night.
Jasmin was sleeping to my left and on the other side was a guy... I think his name was.. Emil? They were so many! How could I possibly remember all their names?? ´Д` He was cool though! He gave me.. I think it was a scone and I gave him a carton with water. He seemed genuinely impressed.
By now people had already split up. Some were putting on cosplays and others.. napping?
I went down to the dealers' hall where the girlfriend of my friend/henchman Joachim recognized me and told me he was there too somewhere. We found each other not long after and were both very excited about the big guys in armor. What do you do to big armored guys? You hug them - after asking permission of course, this is Denmark. This reminds me... I had this discussion with Philip at some point. He seemed pretty surprised that you have to ask permission. Apparently they just walk up and hug people in Sweden? ._.
Anyways! Big hugs for big guys! 
Joachim was in charge of asking permission and getting pictorial proof while I did the "dirty job". 
Oh and this guy! He asked me if I wanted to hold his weapon that was literally 2/5 of my height. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW COOL I FELT ASDFGJFAEJFKAN!! Their armor and weapons were made with craft foam and the gun-thingie was surprisingly light~

In the evening we attended a speed meeting event (NOT speed dating, that is another event!!!) where we got to discuss everything from favorite anime to topics that you would usually avoid in daily conversations. So far, most of the cosplayers I've met have been really open-minded and there were some cool people at this event. However, there are always exceptions. For those of you who haven't tried these speed meetings it's basically where you sit down and discuss something for 1 minute and afterwards have to move a spot to your left/right to meet a new person. Well, there was this guy. I had only just sat down, said "hi!" in my excited voice, and stuck my hand out to shake his whereupon he went "Oh god I can already tell that I'll get tired of you". Rude! ¬ ¬

Somehow we managed to miss the opening show although I'd told myself I HAD to see it.

【Timeskip to Saturday】

Saturday was the day we were supposed to be part of a Tokyo Ghoul photoshoot. Although my Eto cosplay was broken falling apart I'd still brought it for the sake of pictures now that so many of us were going to be part of it. Oh yes, we had Eto, Noro, twins Kurona and Nashiro, Rize, Touka, and Suzuya.
Because of the way its made, my cosplay is hard to put on and I need Jasmin's help. So when the "photographer" contacted Siw and told her we had to postphone the shoot, I kept it on although it was warm and hard to breathe in (also due to the way its made) as we had to be available at all times. So we waited and waited for hours.

Jasmin and I went to an event called "Fortsættelse følger" (=will be continued) where they would show you a clip from an anime and then stop it to have you guess what would happen next. Supposedly it'd be hilarious..  it was a bit too predictable and we left midway to play Super Mario Bros U and Super Smash Brawl with some random people.
We also met Joachim and had him take this picture of us as Eto and Rize (Tokyo Ghoul). Thank youuuu ^ ^!
Thank gosh he took it! I was seriously starting to feel physically ill from being so warm and unable to breathe properly. Oh and I forgot to mention that, again, due to the way its made, I had to bind the mask to my head, making it impossible to eat. I'd eaten something just before putting it on in the morning but several hours had passed now and con food isn't exactly very filling.
Both hungry we sat down and shared this mini mountain of fries after Jasmin unwrapped my head.

Highlight of the day!

Later we queued up with Jasmin's best friend and her boyfriend for the cosplay show. That day was my grandma's birthday and my family + cousins had gone there to celebrate with my grandparents. She was a bit bummed that I couldn't be there for her birthday this year either as I happened to be in Germany for B.A.P's concert on her birthday last year so while waiting for the gophers to let us in, we took a picture and congratulated her.

~Misty and Rize with Jasmin's best friend cosplaying a cat girl~
We met Joachim in the door. Joachim is a cool guy. Send some eternal love his way, srsly.

For the first time I experienced a queue wave!
We tried it some 3-4 times but only the first time did it succeed and people clapped *^*

Then they finally let us in and we found our spots. It took some time for the show to start (they probably had a lot of extra work with so many contestants). What do we do when there's nothing to do but wait? We take more selcas.

I love this girl for photobombing us!! This was the only normal/smiling picture we took and then LOOK AT HER FACE. Oh gosh

After that she was invited into our pictures and we immortalized our 'staches together 

From my experience based on the cons I've attended so far there are usually around 12-15 acts. However, as earlier mentioned, they had too many applicants this year and the maximum of 30... THIRTY ACTS(!!) was met. It was a long show and they had to have a 10 minute break in the middle of the show to open the doors for us to get some fresh air before continuing the show. It was nice with some fresh air.
I'm going to feature some of my favorites but you can watch all the cosplay acts here.

This cosplayer did such a great job with her costume. I walked by her after the and her makeup was just perfect. She even wore the paper lashes like Effie!
Also, you can't hear it because the video was cut short but after this act, several people imitated Rue's whistle and the rest of us raised our hands to do the handsign - it was as if being part of the movie!

I loved how this group made use of the "wall" in their act! Sadly you can't see it well in the video but they performed some sort of shadow play behind it both when the father was getting ready to leave and when Mulan transformed. Jasmin and I voted for this one~

DANISH ACT INCOMING. Sorry.. I liked it so much that I had to feature it. This group (that the "photographer" was part of) cosplayed the penguins from Madagascar and pretended they were stuck in Denmark and had to get back home. My favorite part was definitely at 1:37) when they talked about how our part of the country was the best. Danish con-goers seem to like this war-on-which-part-of-the-country-is-better and it's not supposed to be taken seriously.

Some girls near us had just said how they hoped there wouldn't be another Frozen act and then this guy came and blew us away and OHMYGOSH WHEN HE STARTED TAKING OFF HIS CLOTHES akjgdsbfa yesyesyes. Needles to say this guy won the prizes "Crowd favorite" AND "Judge Special" and when his act ended he received a standing ovation.
He calls himself Night Cosplay and his costumes are A-MA-ZING!

As mentioned earlier I didn't attend SVScon 2014 as I was in Germany for a concert but apparently this group performed last year as well with this game/series (Sorry, I don't know where it's from). They used some cheap tricks to make their act fun but it worked out so well! Especially from 1:53 is great.

I haven't played this game (because I'm a horrible scaredy-cat when it comes to jumpscares) but ooohmy this act definitely did not stop my growing love for horror acts! The music that got gradually louder, the sound effects taken from the game, and the way the characters snuck around added just the right amount of creepyness! You can even hear the crowd scream at the end of their act~

When the show ended we had a few rounds of the Anime Dating Game before one of the organizers got on stage to let us know that since this was the last SVScon to be held, they'd like to "slutte af med et brag" (= end it with a bang) while the judges would be voting - literally!
A firework show had been arranged and we could watch it from the front of the building 20 minutes later~
Our group spent this time changing out of cosplay. My eyes thanked me for this!
When the show started, we lost track of the others so Jasmin and I ended up being the only ones from our group outside. We stood there hugging each other in our pyjamases to retain the heat while watching the firework show that officially marked the end for SVScon. It was kind of sad but pretty at the same time. My phone refuses to take nice pictures in the dark but I think these came out decently.

As the fireworks ended we returned to the hall of the cosplay show to hear who won and afterwards went to attend a game of plushiedødbold (= plushie dodgeball). "What is plushie dodgeball?", you might ask. It's like normal dodgeball where you throw plushies instead of balls. There are a LOOOT of plushies and you're allowed expected to tear off the limbs of the plushie to have more to throw with. Oh and instead of being... what 20-30 playing? ... we were 200 when the first round began. TWO HUNDRED. And the game lasted some 1.5-2 hours!
With so many people it was inevitable that the room would become really hot and some of the guys ended up taking off their shirts. People had come and left as they pleased but in the end we were some 40-50 people left - all 15 from our group (who had more or less cooperated - all in our pyjamases), a bunch of guys without shirts (most seemed to know each others), and some other people. 

Tension had built up after each round and for the very last game we decided to split into two teams - team shirtless vs. our group (the rest split into our two teams so we were about equal). Each team formed a circle to have a quick team meeting before the battle began but team shirtless's tactic definitely beat ours - they made a fast-moving conga line to confuse us and attacked when we least expected it! We suffered a great defeat but it was so much fun!
~Thank you to Maibritt behind Mai reflections for letting me use this picture~
There was supposed to be a video here as well from the event but the guy who recorded it still hasn't found time to upload it and I've grown tired of waiting. When he does though I'll update this post with a link to it.

It was waaaaay past midnight now! Jasmin, another girl from our group, and I went to have a shower before bed. We'd been sweating so much and one of my friends, Benjamin, from team shirtless had come over several times to use me as a meatshield or hug me because he knew how grossed out I felt about it. I feel pretty disgusting myself when I'm sweating but when other sweaty people hug me when I'm in this state NONONOGOAWAYPLS

【Next day】

Hmmm... we didn't do much Sunday. Compared to other cons, SVScon ends quite early with the ending ceremony at 14.30.
I was tired from going to bed at 4 in the morning and didn't feel like spending forever doing the Grumpy Cat makeup as I had planned. Instead I went as a simple catgirl~

Around noon Jasmin and I went to an event called "Tur gennem 00'erne" (= Journey through the 00s) where they had a powerpoint and told us about all the big animes of which only about half had reached Denmark back when anime first had been introduced here. It was quite interesting~

Jasmin was dressed as Starfire (Teen Titans) that day and finally met with Beast[girl] and Raven. I'd looked away for a moment and *poof!*... they'd gone somewhere to take pictures together.
Soooooooo I decided to pull myself together and snap some more pictures.
My first victims were two Kanekis (Tokyo Ghoul)!
Okay so Jasmin and I have been trying to talk Maria into joining a con with us some day. Maria isn't really into cosplay but she told me she'd freak out if she saw a Jack Frost or Peter Pan. Therefore I definitely had to get a shot of this guy! When I came home and looked through my pictures I realized that this was the same guy who won the cosplay show the night before.
Gourmet!! (Tokyo Ghoul)
Oh and do you remember the big guys Joachim and I asked for hugs? There were more of them and they were posing in front of a big group of people!
It looks like the guy in white to the right is dancing~
They don't look that big in pictures but I swear they were enormous!
Advertising for Hydracon that will supposedly try to replace SVS

I spent the remaining time alone until the ending ceremony where I found Siw and a few of the others by coincidence.
The organizers showed pictures from each year since the con was first started to now and thanked us all for being part of it. They played videos of Yatta (not many knew this one), Gangnam Style, and Caramelldansen that we all danced along to, of course! Afterwards they let a bunch of people come on stage to take group pictures of us.
These were the only pictures I was able to get my hands on. Not the best quality but you get the point.
Oh and we got to hug the anonymous guys on our way out! Their hugs were luxurious indeed~

After this the con ended. One of the guys in our group, Lasse, sponsored very-late-breakfast for us. Jasmin and I were late for this though so we had to cut the bread with a weak plastic knife really quick before splitting up into the 4-5 cars driving home.

Although things didn't go as planned I'm still super happy that I got to attend SVS this year. SVS 2012 was the very first con I ever attended back when I had no idea what anime was - I just liked the idea about dressing up cosplaying. It also happened to be Jasmin's first con that same year but we never met. It's sad to see it being shut down but I want to praise the organizers and gophers for making it a nice last con. Hopefully Hydracon will be successful so we can still have a rather large con in this part of the country~

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