Friday, October 30, 2015

GEEKcore 2015 II

Welcome to second part of my GEEKcore posts! This post is on the second and third day of the con.
To read about the first day, go HERE.

Friday morning I woke up super early to take the train back to Værløse and check my mail so I wouldn't miss too much of the con. I'd gotten hold of a potential landlord but was unable to find the mail from her on my phone. I was in love with the apartment and called Chrille to tell him that I'd finally found a place we could afford -- but then the landlord texted me while I was on my way back to the con that she would only rent it out to one person and no matter how hard I tried to convince her to let us both live there she wouldn't move an inch. Uuuuugh was I frustrated!! ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ "%^)/!*#"¤)&*

As soon as I got back to the con, Andreas saw me and brought me to Information so I could finally get my name tag. Wuuuh! Afterwards I ran into one of the pirates and then we went upstairs and made it just in time to join the second half of Jasmin's Speed Meeting event.
I didn't even know that Jasmin took this picture!

The event ended at the same time as my shift started so I had to run before I got to talk to the last few people. Jasmin snapped this picture of Andreas and I working together~
While I was on duty, Jasmin was upstairs playing some maid card game with a friend and some other people and since she still hadn't finished when I was done working, I went on adventures by myself - that is until I met one of the pirates and he joined me.
Look at this pretty girl who came by while I was still working. Ironically enough she didn't like sweets. 
Outside I found (what I think was) a mom and her daughter cosplaying together. The girl was too shy to pose but I still think the picture ended up super cute~

The pirate and I watched a little bit of the Cosplay Dating Game but it wasn't too entertaining. For some reason I completely forgot about the Cosplay Showcase, which, along with the opening show and ending show, were one of the only events that I absolutely had to attend. Buuuh. The Opening Show, which had been rescheduled for today was delayed at first and later completely cancelled  because they hadn't gotten permission from the fire department or something. Buuuhx2
Jasmin found me when she was done with her card game and then we changed into cosplay before going for dinner and then back to the karaoke room. Today we decided to surprise people and sing Mighty Long Fall by One OK Rock. However, when it was about to be our turn, the two girls sitting in front of us said that we had to sing Let It Go or else they wouldn't let us go. So yea... we sang that one again. Later a little boy, a couple, and a Swedish guy did their own versions as well (the Swedish guy did an impressive multilingual version) and they totally slayed it compared to us
( ╯✧ ✧ )╯
Woooh selfies while waiting!
After having sung Mighty Long Fall, Jasmin sang a song by herself and I stayed by her side as emotional support. She did really good ☆ There were a lot of song requests today and we had about an hour left before it was our turn again so we found a photographer, Knud, that I had met earlier that day and asked him to take pictures of us. It was black outside now and there was nowhere inside to take pictures without the light turning all yellow and ugly on us so after a couple of attempts, we decided to do it the next day before Jasmin's shift. We then ran back inside the karaoke room just in time to sing I See Fire. Once again the crowd sang with us, yay! ᵔ-ᵔ

When we got tired of singing we went to the Gameroom and joined two guys playing Super Smash Bros. It's  been one of my favorite games since I was a little kid and it was so much fun playing again! At some point we decided to shake things up and all played as Solid Snake. At first we were giggling at how ridiculous some of his alternate skins were (I played as leopard/cow skin Snake) but once the fight began, we first started laughing. None of us really knew how to control him and it was utter chaos. We had so much fun and I can honestly not remember last time I've laughed so much at a character's way to randomly fly up in the air and jump in half slow motion. The two guys were also volunteers and were suddenly called to work. Then the next guy, the one in the picture below, joined us and the fun continued. We tried playing the three of us against the 'computer' and had our butts kicked so bad.
This picture belongs to Simone 'Monze' Vinkel and I'm super grateful that she let me use it. She uploaded an entire album with pictures from around the con so if you're interested in seeing more, go HERE.

When we left the game room, Simone caught us again-
- and we decided to actually try and pose. What a majestic outcome~
I think she took this one when we each ran to the stairs and elevator and didn't know which way to get down.

Before changing into pyjamas and leaving for the sleeping hall, we held our own mini photoshoot in the hall downstairs because.. well.. we do that at cons.
We tried to be all pretty and stuff but then...
Yeeeeeah being 'pretty' didn't work out.

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