Saturday, October 24, 2015

GEEKcore 2015

Yesh! I am back and ready to share with you my adventures from my first GEEKcore that was held in Valby Kulturhus on October 15th-17th.

As I wrote in this post, Jasmin and I went back to Værløse on Tuesday and spent Tuesday chilling and Wednesday baking for the maid café - but Jasmin (that little Speedy Gonzales) already covered this in her own post so if you're interested in our pre-con adventures you should read THIS. For this con we were both working but on two different teams: Jasmin was on the Event Team while I was with Secret Store (The maid café stand).

The con lasted from Thursday to Saturday but since we'd been helping out baking at Kraftwærket the day before, we were allowed to sleep there - just like during J-Popcon earlier this year. I'd been perfectly fine with this if it hadn't been because there was a 'concert' (No. No. NO! That was NOT a concert! It sounded like they were testing if destroying physical objects by means of noise was really possible and OHMYGOD was that a bagpipe? No joke, that was a bagpipe. I swear if thoughts could kill ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭!!) going on in the basement of that same building. 'Soundproof' was an unknown concept in that building and there was a guy walking in and out of the room we had been assigned to sleep in. I'd had a stressful day and this was the last drop needed to make my cup overflow. I feel so bad for poor Jasmin who had to deal with me... So yea, the beginning of our con could have been better.
Jasmin was quick to find the guys behind CosplayCouch, who were nice enough to let us crash the room they had been allowed to sleep in.

By the way, look at their banner! Chrille (크리스) saw it at Genki as well earlier this year while I was in Korea.
Woooooh *feelingslightlyproud*

The next morning, Thursday, was the official start of the con. The guests were going to come around 12am when the on opened but several people had been sleeping there like us so we could be there early in the morning and finish the last preparations - and who's able to work without food?
We had breakfast with Allan (the owner of GEEKcore) and some of the pirates before it all began. One of the pirates 'proposed' to us and proceeded to call us his wives for the rest of the con.

After breakfast we put on some clothes - not cosplay yet since Jasmin had a ninja event from 3-4pm and didn't feel like she would be able to move around sufficiently.

We were supposed to receive name tags from Information so we could prove that we worked there but they were having some troubles with the printers, the maid stand had no fridge for our cakes, one of the organizers hadn't brought water for the workers yet, and actually a lot of the things around the con didn't really seem ready for the opening. The opening show was supposed to take place around noon but was rescheduled for around 6pm. Later it was moved to Friday.
It also turned out we had to bake more cakes (we didn't made more than 3 the day before due to the lack of a fridge to store them in) so Jasmin and I went back to the kitchen and took care of it even though we weren't supposed to work yet. The leader of the maid café, Andreas, was super grateful and he made sure that we were taken care of (as in brought hot chocolate to drink) as long as we were there. After some time Jasmin had to leave for work so Andreas and I finished up the rest.

When Jasmin was done we had an hour to change in before it was my turn to work. Because we'd had so little time to finish, our cosplays were far from done and we didn't have any wigs. Jasmin had had a little more time to work on hers though and had had enough time to make a corset for the upper part of the dress. I think we had both been a little worried about wearing yet-to-be-finished cosplays but people seemed to love them nonetheless. We'd only just changed and gone back to the maid café Secret Store* before people asked for pictures.
*It was more of a stand rather than an actual café this time. The crew consisted of people from the maid café though. Hopefully we'll be an actual café at our next con.

I worked from 5-7pm and meanwhile Jasmin was attending a manga drawing workshop. There's this team of pirates that were supposed to take over if some of the gophers were unable to show up for their shifts for some reasons, help with whatever the organizers needed, and take care of the wardrobe. When it wasn't their turn to work, most of them hung out around the stand and keep us entertained.

At 6pm the cooking team served dinner for all of us working at the con. My shift was from 5-7pm and I was originally going to miss dinner if it hadn't been because Andreas had come back to the stand to take over for me. Yay!

When we were done eating and my shift was over we went around the con exploring before Jasmin's next event at 8pm, Anime Bingo, which I also attended. Afterwards there was an event called Disney Music Quiz where we heard 10 seconds of different Disney songs and then had to name them and the movies they were from. We realized we didn't stand a chance and left for the karaoke room before the winner was selected. There were only a few people in the room but as time passed by and it was about to be our turn, more and more people showed up. We had a full crowd cheering at us and joining in when we performed Let It Go with me singing the original lyrics and Jasmin singing the ones from the Frozen sketch that we had made for SVScon 2015 but never got to perform.
Aaah, con people are so nice. No matter how horrible we sounded during high notes, people still clapped and cheered (ᵔᴗᵔ) ~♪

After some hours we decided we'd had enough and changed out of cosplay and into pyjamas. We went down to Information to learn that the sleeping hall that both guests and volunteers would be sleeping in lay 2 km away. Aaaand we had to take all of our heavy stuff with us, ugh. Although we took a picture of the map (because there weren't any left to hand out), we still managed to get lost and take a huge detour (to an area far to the left of the map) before a nice man overheard our exhausted outbursts and told us how to get there.
The hall was on the 5th floor  (oh.. my god) but one of the guys on night duty was nice enough to help us carry Jasmin's suitcase. THANK YOU!

Post two can be found HERE

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