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GEEKcore 2015 III

Oh hey there! Today's post is my third and last about GEEKcore 2015! If you'd like to read about what we/I did on the other two days, go HERE and HERE.

We woke up fairly early today too, packed our stuff, and went back to the con to carry our stuff down to 'the Vanilla Dungeon' aka the staff room.
After finishing doing our make-up we went to find the photographer. While waiting for him to finish leave the card game he was playing, my friend Quan found us and snapped some quick pictures. Thank you Quan!

Sadly the outdoor stage was closed and it was wet outside. Jasmin could under no circumstances get wet since she had put a coat of water based glue on her corset as a last resort to make the paint on it dry in time for the convention. In the end we ended up doing a quick shoot up on 5th floor before Jasmin had to work. There was no white wall like we'd been told but there was one with a big city-like picture is gray scale. I'm curious as to how that kind of background worked out with our cosplays but the photographer seemed to like the effect so we'll see.

At 1pm Jasmin had her last shift. She was going to host an event called Last Man Standing and asked me to join. I told her that I'd come later since I'd been talking to one of the YouTubers while working the day before and told him that I'd stop by the panel, which happened to be at the same time. It honestly wasn't too entertaining and I ended up taking what I thought would be a quick detour down to the dealers' hall to look around before going to Jasmin's event. As I was about to leave, a man walked up to me and asked if he could take a picture. 'Sure,' I said. He then asked if we could go outside because the light was pretty bad and I agreed. I thought it was just one of those situations where someone comes up to you, takes one picture, thanks you, and continues with whatever they were doing. But no. No no. He asked me to stand at a specific spot and when he'd taken a couple of pictures, he asked for more poses. Gawd why did I have to feel awkward on pictures that day? ㅠㅠ
I told him that this was my first time wearing the cosplay so I hadn't practiced many poses except for with my cape. Well, it ended up with me going down to the Vanilla Dungeon to get my cape and shoes and before I knew it it had turned into a full photo shoot. The photographer was very pleasant and I was glad that he took the time to tell me what I could do better instead of just taking pictures because 'uuuh pretty costume'. We joked around and in the midst of it all I suddenly stopped feeling awkward. I saw the pictures he took and actually thought that they looked pretty good. It was a huge self-esteem boost and I'm super excited to see the final results.
My dress and cape suffered from the wet grass and I kept sinking into the ground with my shoes but hopefully it will be worth it! *crosses fingers*

As soon as I got back in, Jasmin was there. Not many had showed up for the event so they had finished early. She asked me where I'd been and I explained to her that I'd had an unexpected photo shoot out of the blue. She wasn't super excited about this as she'd wanted to be part of it too |・`)

Jasmin was going to catch a ride home with her parents and wasn't sure when she'd be leaving so we decided to spend our remaining free time together taking the mandatory pictures for our blogs.

This girl out here in Artist Alley, Tea, sold little felt bunnies and some of the prettiest drawings I've ever seen in real life. I swore that I'd come back later and buy one of her drawings once I had decided upon one but in the end she ended up leaving before my shift was over and I missed my chance ㅠㅠ

Next stop was Dealers' hall! That was probably the smallest dealers' hall I'd ever seen at a con.
But look who we met in there! Zelda! The same Zelda that had been performing in the SVScon cosplay show.

To the right side of the entrance stood my classmate, Celine Shi (셀리느 씨), and sold stuff for some friends of hers. She didn't want me to put up weird-looking pictures of her so I turned her into a cat. You're welcome, 스티브 씨.

Standing in front of this booth felt like you had just stepped into a world of wizardry.

They sold stuff like Hogwarts acceptance letters, brooches, feather pens, necklaces, and some really neat looking wands that also functioned as hair pins. I thought the girl there had just glue on some stuff and painted it but it turns out she had hand carved it all (ノ❛ ◯ ❛ )ノ Jasmin bought one of these.

This picture was taken from the other end of the room where they tables for cup stacking competitions and other things.

My favorite stand was this one. At first I'd thought that it was just like any other normal poster stand with the possibility of the guy in the picture drawing something for you by request but after checking out his Deviantart I learned that all the posters you see here (and the little chibi keyrings in front of him) were drawn by him. It turns out my roommate bought both the link poster (behind his head) and the RinxLen one (down in the left corner) at an earlier con.

Jasmin and I were both really impressed and when we asked if we could take a picture of his stand, he sent us the proudest face ever.

Just as we stepped outside Dealers' hall we met Dark Elsa and went full fangirl in a matter of seconds. Her costume is SO impressive and I need to find out how she made the upper part of her dress!
 - and there was a Dark Jack Frost too! Waaa ( ˵ º ᵕ̇ º ˵ )
We also had to have a picture of the pirates. We didn't get all of them, sadly, but we did get both our pirate friend (the guy to the left) and our 'husband' (guy to the right).
(Some of) the game room! The guy with the light pants was the one who helped us carry our stuff upstairs to the sleeping hall.
It was about time for my shift so we went back to the maid café stand and found one of the most perfect pieces of the cake that we had made.
Here's our maid-in-training and a pirate to keep her entertained~

At 3pm I had my last shift and I was going to stay there the next 4 hours. Jasmin went off to say goodbye to her friends since her parents would be coming in half an hour (or so they said at first). I hadn't even been working 5 minutes before a group of girls came charging down the hall screaming: "Elsa! ELSAA! WE NEED AN ELSA!"
"I'm Elsa," I rose my hand and said. With hunger in their eyes they turned to me, asked my team leader if they could kidnap me for a moment and once they'd gotten permission, they stormed out the door and back to the outdoor stage arm in arm with me. It turned out they were participating in the Go Fetch event and that the treasure they had to find this time was an Elsa. Another flock came running moments after us - with Jasmin in their arms! The judge in the event was none other than Dark Elsa. We all thought it was pretty cool how all three Elsas at the con were gathered in one place so they had us go up on stage to take a couple of pictures. How I wish our cosplays had been finished at that point!

Dark Elsa announced that the next thing they had to find was the cosplayer with the longest wig at the con. They ran off and we were free to go - Jasmin back to whatever she was doing and me back to my shift. 4 hours sounds like a long time to just be standing around but I was either entertained by the pirates, who decided to surround the stand or guests, who felt like chatting.

An Akira Mado (Tokyo Ghoul) dropped by while I was working and I HAD to take a picture.

Another person who stopped by while I was working was the woman in the stand next to the Deviant artist. They'd been allowed to bring their own cup noodles and now she came to have some water boiled. There weren't many costumers at that point (and we were two people working) so she and I started chatting and I swear she was so nice! She asked me about what I studied (I said Korean), if I had ever been to Korea, if I watched k-dramas and liked the music etc. because her daughter did. Actually, she was just there to represent her daughter, who had drawn the posters in her stand, since the daughter had another con to attend in Paris. Yes, they were from Paris. Apparently the mom was Malay and had gone to France to study design in her younger years and now her children had inherited her talent. The super proud guy in the stand next to her was her son. I asked when they would go home and she told me that, after the con, they'd go straight to the airport, sleep a few hours, and then fly back early in the morning. Wooah. Dedication right there!

Dinner was supposed to have been served at 6pm (and Andreas was supposed to come back to the stand to replace me so I could go eat) but the food team was running behind schedule for some reason and Jasmin's parents kept delaying their plans to go get her so she was hoping to be able to stay long enough to have lasagna with the rest of us as this is one of her favorite foods. In the end the poor thing was picked up just before dinner.

I don't have much interesting stuff to share with you when it comes to what we did in the evening (except the pirate got down on one knee and 'proposed' while we were waiting in line for food). We had dinner, I left to help Café Sweet Vanilla tidy up, and in the night there was a party. GEEKcore is the first ever cosplay event I've heard of here that allows alcoholic drinks and actually has a bar selling it. I didn't feel like it belonged at a con and I felt quite awkward when I went with Nio and Frederik (maid and butler from the café) to check it out. We left after a short time and... that's how my GEEKcore ended.
I had a good con even though I had been pretty stressed lately (and unintentionally let out some anger on Jasmin. I'm so sorry ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ) and I met a lot of cool people. Hopefully we'll be a real café next time we attend a con. Cross your fingers!

I'll end my posts about GEEKcore with this very important note that I found in the bathroom.

Thank you for reading!

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