Friday, January 1, 2016

Next stop: Korea!

As for my first post of 2016 I have exciting news!

I am going to Seoul!

And this time with my classmate Celine 씨!
You see now that I'm in university and my teachers so practically placed the exams within the semester, our breaks are a bit longer. This is both good and bad. Good because: "yay freetime!" and bad because many of us tend to not practice Korean as much as we should and thus have a hard time when classes start up again. That is one of the reasons some people drop out around this time.

What better way is there to practice than going to the country where the language is being spoken on daily basis? None, if you ask me.
So I looked at tickets and found some really cheap ones. I mentioned it to my classmates but most of them wanted to wait until summer since we'll be going on a 3 months break during that time - except for Celine 씨. Celine 씨 seemed about as interested in going now as I.
Two days ago I contacted her and asked if she was still up for it. She was and in the evening we booked both hostel and flight tickets.

We'll be flying out on January 11th (that's in just 10 days!!), have a layover in Moscow, and arrive in Incheon the next day!
We'll fly back to Copenhagen on the 22nd, which will give us time to settle down and adjust to our own timezone before starting school again on February 1st.

Since only the two of us will be going, we'll stay in the same hostel as last time I was there: Fortune Hostel Jongno. I know both the owners, the people working there, the nearby neighborhood, and how to get around. Although you can find cheaper hostels, it's definitely worth it.
Celine 씨 and I will be staying in one of the twin rooms. I found these pictures of it on their website.
This is the view from the door.

From the other corner of the room.
 A close up of the beds.

And here's from the beds. Behind the door to the right is a bathroom.
Like last time I will of course take pictures of the room once we get there so we can compare ^ㅅ^

Although it ended up being a little more expensive than I had expected, we still got some really nice tickets and my parents (and probably Celine as well) are happy to know that we won't be on completely foreign land.

And of course I'm super excited for several reasons! I've heard that Korean winters can be gruesome and my little Nordic heart can't wait to check that out. I'm excited to see how it'll be to be with Celine 24/7 (it's always interesting traveling with new people). I'll get to meet Philip again (maybe Kong if he's got time, and Kim if I can convince him to go to Seoul). Aaaand we'll be flying through Russia! Although I don't get to see the country itself, Russia is still Russia and I can't wait to be there. All my friends are either afraid to go there or don't want to for reasons I am unaware of.

So yeah! Time to find the winter clothes!

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