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Seoul 2015 - 1/16

Annyeonghaseyo / 안녕하세요~!
As you know I went on vacation in Korea back in July/August last year and now that I'm back I've got a LOT to blog about. Like I did after Paris 2014, I'm going to write a post for each day of our trip to Korea. By the end I will also try to create a master post with tips and things to know when staying in Seoul~
I've taken around 1000 pictures myself and we agreed to share videos/pictures so hopefully I will be able to write a bunch of interesting posts for you to read. Also, I bought a lot of make-up on this trip so when I've finished my travel posts, expect to be spammed with reviews!
Now let's begin the first day of Seoul 2015!

On July 20th at 8.55 in the morning I hopped on a bus called Rødbus heading towards Copenhagen.

My original plan was to take the train the next day straight to the airport since that was the date of my flight but unfortunately the train company had recently started repairing some of their tracks, which meant that the train I'd planned to take, which usually goes straight to Copenhagen and has a duration of 3 hours, would now take me 5 hours + I'd have to transfer 3 times - for the same price! Ridiculous!
I have spoken up about my feelings towards the Danish train companies before and many of you probably know that we're not the best of friends. With that in mind added to the fact that I'd spend 1½ hour flying  from Copenhagen (CPH) to Helsinki (HEL) and afterwards 8½ hour flying from Helsinki to Seoul (ICN), it should come as no surprise that I'd do anything to avoid 5 hours of additional traveling that day if I could!
So yea. I took the bus the day before instead. It'd take me 4 hours, be so much cheaper, and I could get an entire nights rest before my flights the next day.

I sat down beside a woman in her 60's, Inge. It turned out both Inge's kids and grand kids as well as herself were quite the adventurers and, except for the 15 minute break we had on Funen, we spent the entire time talking about our travels. Inge even shared her rugbrød with garlic sausage and cucumber with me when she learned that I hadn't brought anything to eat and she chuckled when I took pictures of it for my blog. I explained to her that the adventures had begun the moment I got on the bus that morning and that the food was part of the overall experience so it was important for me to remember that too. She laughed again.

The bus let us off near DGI-byen and from there I walked to the train station, København H. Due to heavy traffic I was going to take a smaller train out of the city so my cousin, Jannik, could more easily pick me up. As I was standing in line to buy my ticket, a random woman came up to me, leaned in, and whispered something in my ear. I looked at her in surprise but she just smiled and mumbled something before walking away as if nothing had happened ._.? Welcome to Copenhagen I guess.
I got off at a station called Kildedal St in what felt like the middle of nowhere.
The backside of the station was really pretty though. I couldn't help feeling as if I was in some magical forest with the trees leaning in like that.
Jannik and I spent the day together until my aunt and uncle came home from work. We entertained ourselves by being gross - as in him throwing chips at me which I attempted to catch with my armpits. Sadly we never succeeded. #disappointed. 

I'd asked Alex, who had been in charge of buying flight tickets, to tell me when he'd checked-in online and picked seats so I could pick one near them but when we all got together in the group chat in the evening, we found out that we had already been assigned seats and no matter what we tried, we couldn't change them. John too had ordered tickets by himself and the two of us had been placed differently from the rest. Alex, Camilla, and Cindy had gotten the seats G, H, and E in row 36 (the middle) while John and I were on row 43 and 44. At first we thought that *dramatic mode on* 'we would at least have each other' but we had been placed in two different ends - him on 43A and me on 44H. Oh well. There wasn't much to do about it now so we decided to try to change it when we came to the airport the next day.

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