Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Seoul 2015 - 2/16

Hi and welcome back to my mini series about our vacation in Seoul!
Today's post will be on what we did on Tuesday, July 21st - The day we flew out and officially began our trip!

Excited? So was I! And I guess the excitement finally spilled over that morning because I woke up at 4am and could not fall asleep again no what what I did. So I checked my phone and I'd gotten messages from two of the most important people to me; Philip, who wished me good luck sleeping on the plane (I'd tried adjusting to Korean time the entire weekend but failed hard), and Kong.

I'd hoped we could get to see each other at least once since I was coming to his country but no way had I expected him to come get us! Aaaaaah *cries of joy* ( ˃̣̣̥˂̣̣̥ ) 

When my uncle woke up we had breakfast and he fixed me some lunch before he, my cousin, and I were off to the airport. They stayed with me until I'd checked in my luggage and then I was free to explore on my own.

Yaaay tax free area!

I'd been in this airport a couple of times already so I skipped the shopping and went straight to my gate to call my mom who was wildly excited on my behalf. Also, who's got time to stroll around in an airport in Denmark when you're on your way to Korea?!
This was the gate I flew out from. Look at the flight number :OO

As I was sitting there, Philip sent me a message that we should take a "talk-walk", as he called it, once we came to Korea. I can honestly say that I was pretty terrified of what he was going to want to tell me and I had a feeling it wasn't something good. On a more positive note: the people working in the security area at Copenhagen Airport were really nice and smiling!

My flight from CPH to HEL wasn't anything special. When we'd found our seats, the flight attendants announced that we'd have to wait some 25 min. before we could take off due to heavy air traffic above HEL - we still made it on time though.
I landed in Finland 1½ hour later and first thing I had to do was to go through immigration. I'm still confused as to why. First I had to scan my passport and then walk through a machine that took pictures of me to make sure that my face ratios were the same as on my passport picture. Interesting experience and much faster than lining up to have someone check it manually.

Once I'd gotten through immigration I had to walk a bit before I got to the gate where the others were. I had never seen any of them in person so I didn't really know what to look for and there were quite a lot of people. Suddenly someone called my name and there stood the group of people that I would be living with the following two weeks. It was as if we had been friends forever. They were so nice, I swear! Except when they took advantage of my confusion and tried to trick me into thinking that Alex wasn't Alex but a new member of our group named Carl. Wat.

When we got on the plane (IT WAS SO HOT!), John asked his seat partner to change seats with me and the two of us ended up sitting together for the rest of the trip. Bonding time, yay! Alex, Cindy, and Camilla were sitting together further in front where we couldn't see them but they walked over 'to visit us' a few times. When John and I went to visit them they were all asleep though.

We, too, had planned to sleep but that never happened. One time when I'd finally found a nice position to sit in and was about to doze off = turbulence. The next time I was getting comfortable, one of the flight attendants passed by with the food tray and John and I both sat up immediately because we're fat like that.

This was our food~

Around this time we'd reached Russia and the time zones started changing. I’m not sure when exactly we switched from one day to the other but I’m going to end Tuesday here and start the next post from when we had breakfast.

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