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Seoul 2015 - 7/16

Hi and welcome back to yet another post about my trip to Seoul with my new Swedish and Norwegian friends. Here's what we did on our fifth day in Seoul on Sunday the 26th of July!

In the morning we had wanted to go to the place with the Japanese crepes but since it was Sunday, everything was closed so we ended up buying something from the convenience store. Philip had somehow managed to return to the hostel before us the night before and while he'd been sitting there, the receptionists and Spanish girls had come by and asked if he wanted to join them going to a night club in Hongdae (홍대) so he had a really bad hangover today and didn't join us before dinner.

With Philip back at the hostel and John still on adventures, Alex, Cindy, Camilla, and I went to Dongdaemun!
We passed by the Heunginjimun Gate (흥인지문)~
And yet another little stream~

The first place we went to was a LINE Friends pop-up store in the basement of the Doota Mall (두산타워).
Waaaah cute LINE friends merchandise all over the place ✧
This mall was so fancy! Look at the disco-ball-like thingie in the ceiling.
Posing with the figures~
Adding to the fanciness was the floor with sand and real conch shells and mussels together with little lights that changed colour. We were quite impressed.
Even the escalators were super fancy as well with them being surrounded by water and little bubbles enclosed by glass.
Upstairs we found one of these cool machines. It showed the weather outside and the different stores in the building and let you search for them by name. 
Once you'd found the desired store, it even had a sort of GPS function to show you how to get there.
Aaaaand of course you could take selcas and decorate them afterwards because this is Korea and everything is cute.

There were loads and loads of clothing and shoe stores but everything there was branded and was of course super pricey.

Next stop on our adventures was Dongdaemun Design Plaza (동대문디자인플라자)!
This was a place that Alex really wanted to go. He told us how it had only been finished last year and that it was drawn by one of the most famous architects in the world. He couldn't remember her name though.
It's a huge bulgy building. You cannot miss it.
These signs were standing outside not far from one of the entrances.
There wasn't really much to look at in the part of the building we were in. But I did enjoy the structure of the building itself and the way it went up. It's hard to show in pictures but the floor was like one big slope.
Aaaah~ All this walking can be tiresome.
Such futurism. Much sci-fi. Wow.
Once we'd gotten to one end of the building, we went outside and around just to go back in through another entrance.
This giant Royal Copenhagen cup was standing outside beside the doors and I had to stop and wait for a moment for my little Danish heart couldn't take the amount of national pride washing over me.
Royal Copenhagen is a Danish brand that sells tableware, figurines, and collectibles and it is so over-hyped (and expensive out of one's mind) that it almost hurts. But it made me proud to see that it had made its way to Korea!
I kid you not. It was gigantic. Me for scale.
Inside, to our right, was a big room, which had a section just for K-pop!
Aaaaah SHINee!! *¬*
There was also a section for Scandinavian design! We found items made by both Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish companies!

There was another room with what we think was some sort of art exhibition for up-and-coming designers and there was a lot of cool stuff in there.

For a moment Cindy and I were fascinated by this aquarium..
..until we found this thing.
On another floor (I think), in another room you could 3D-print yourself.

After we were done, we crossed the street to go to Lotte FITIN (롯데피트인).
Of course we had to take pictures with the chairs outside before going in.
On one of the floors inside the mall was a food court and it was here that we found Hoabinh, where we had our lunch.
The servings were so big! I'm happy Cindy and I were food buddies because there was no way I would have been able to finish all that by myself. In actuality, the two of us couldn't even do it.

Sooo much food.
Cindy and I had Phở.
And Camilla had this spicy dish which I forgot the name of. Alex too had some sort of spicy soup but he was eating it in a strange way so the bowl got all dirty and the picture looked super gross.
After, Camilla and I went to the restroom (which kind of resembled an airport with its little toilet gates).
On our way out I spotted this poster leading up to the next floor and asked the others if we please could have a look.
We did and there was k-pop all over the place!
A shaky selca from the stairs~
Loud k-pop filled the room and Camilla and I were sucked right into it. The big screen connected to the ceiling in the middle of the picture was showing videos of the BIGBANG members welcoming you and waving you closer the moment you stepped inside (the entrance was to the left of the black arrow that says 'music').

There were section for different k-pop groups. I took this and sent home to Philip, who had written on our bucket list that we should find and stalk Jackson Wang from GOT7. Sadly they were promoting overseas at that moment but at least we had a small picture of him now.

I don't know what this glass/plastic car was doing there but it looked too cool to not take a picture of.

 A girl working there lead us to a place where you could see something on two big tv screens only by looking through the holes of a bunch of carton paparazzis’ cameras, and afterwards upstairs to a place full of k-pop art.

The girl motioned for us to sit down at the tables there and showed us how to make our own art with the tape and face provided - just like the artist had done! Camilla and I were VERY excited about this but it didn't interest Cindy or Alex at all so we decided to split and meet up 40 minutes later.

We started out differently. While I tried adding some shade to mine, Camilla spent a long time making individual straws for the hair.
It worked the way that you had a face (Camilla said it was some actor) and then you cut pieces from the tape and added it to the paper.
40 minutes later, these were our results. We were almost too proud to hang them on the wall with the rest but we did it. Next time I go, I would like to go back and see if it's still there.
Time was running out so we ran upstairs to meet up with Cindy and Alex, who had been looking for shoes. On our way out, we found a Krispy Kreme booth and couldn't resist the urge to buy some. We also bought some extra to bring home to the guys.

Camilla wanted to buy some shoes for her little brother in a shoe store down beside the LINE Pop-up store so we went back over and had our attention caught by a street performance for a few minutes.
Her brother is a size 47 (European) but their scale only went to 43-44 so we had to return to the hostel empty handed.

 Everyone were tired and we decided to just rest at the hotel until John would come home around 9.30pm.
I don't remember what we did for dinner that night but it probably wasn't anything special. The only 'memories' I have from that time is this selca of Cindy and I and a picture of Alex and Philip in his lazy clothes in the subway.

By this time we had grown close with the guys from the reception (Bangjoo, Jinbo, and Gunwoo/David). Tonight they wanted to take us to a “pc bang” (PC방) when their shifts ended at 11pm. Before leaving the hostel, Bangjoo and Jinbo told us that today was Gunwoo/David's last day as he would be enlisting in the military. We wanted to sing for him but the only song we could come up with that everyone knew (Koreans, Spaniards + Nords) was twinkle twinkle little star. So we all sang it in our native languages, took a group picture, and left for the pc bang.
Hello everyone!We hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Summer at Fortune has been bright and positive, shined by...
Opslået af Fortune Hostel Jongno på 27. juli 2015

We played Starcraft for an hour or so and I had no idea what I was doing the entire time. But it was a cool experience!

Back at the hotel we split up. Camilla was tired and went to bed while Cindy and I went to the guys' room to hear stories from John's trip. We didn't leave until 3.30-4am or so. Goodbye circadian rhythm.

Once again Cindy is back with her recordings! There's a lot from what we did today so watch from the beginning to 5:06 if you want to see us in action!

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