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Seoul 2015 - 11/16

Did you think this series was finished yet? Hah! We've still got a couple of days left. Here's what we spent the day of July 30th on!

The guys had earlier talked about going to Busan but weren't much up for it anymore so Alex had asked if us girls wanted to join. I didn't feel like I had had enough of Seoul, same with Camilla, so it ended up being just him and Cindy leaving in the morning.
The rest of us slept a little longer and had breakfast at the Japanese crepe place.

With the two people who weren't interested in k-pop gone (not that I we wanted to get rid of them or anything), this was the perfect day for us to go Entertainment-Company-related-stuff hunting!
While Camilla and I really wanted to go, the guys had already been looking some days prior (the day that we went to the COEX Aquarium) and could guide the way.

The first place we went to was SMTOWN in the COEX Artium here(!):
513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
(서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513)
It felt surreal seeing the big SMTOWN sign hanging there. I almost thought I was dreaming.
The observant will notice the names of both old and new K-pop groups spelled out on the pillars.

I think this first picture here was taken on the floor called the 'Welcome Stage'. My camera decided to freak out here and the pictures didn't come out that nice. I don't know why ㅠ ㅠ
Different groups had been divided into each of their own stands/areas.
They had so many things here: [signed] shirts, pillows, CDs, bags, calendars, food, etc.
The room was filled with the sound of music and the respective music videos being shown on one of the walls. I caught SHINee's Everybody at the perfect moment here ㅋㅋㅋ
The next floor up was the one dedicated to their celebrity shop named SUM. Here we were met by a 3D printed Suho as his character from SMs own hologram musical School OZ.
Here was even more clothes and other interesting stuff related to k-pop.
There was a pop-up café here as well selling the coolest cupcakes (and other sweets)!
Moving on!
Here's a big group of fangirls admiring the merchandise they just bought. I think they were waiting for the musical to start (the one with Suho in. It could be watched within this building somewhere). The square chairs that the girls were sitting on were signed by some of SM Entertainment's artist.

Those big screens were showing music videos and interviews with idols.
And *poof*. The fangirls disappeared!
On the left wing of this room was a hallway with about life sized pictures of idols that you could pose and take pictures with.
Upstairs there was a big wall with 3D printed hands of many of SM's artists and at the end of it, there was a room where you could have your own 3D printed. There was also a machine where you could place your hand and then it'd calculate which SM artist's hand your hand matched the most.

That had sadly been stopped due to the MERS situation around that time (It had topped like 2 weeks before we came to Korea).
Going up again!
On the 6th floor was their 3D printing studio where you could have either yourself or our favorite artist printed. There were figures on display (this one with SHINee) and it showed how you could have yourself AND an idol made and then placed beside each other.
The higher up you came, the hotter was it. Luckily they had these giant electrical fans (the big white big) placed up there so you could cool yourself off. You could actually adjust the temperatures so if you'd like some air in your face without being cooled down, just turn it up to 32°C and feel your face burn.
Here's a picture of the view. The fangirls had returned!
Now we'd been taking the escalators most of the way up but there was actually also an elevator. Beside it was this sign showing what you could find on the different levels.
We took the escalators back down though. The wall beside them were filled with posters; these two were both advertising the hologram musical.
Okay, now that we were done looking around here it was time to go to the next place - Cube Café!
We crossed the road and took a bus from here.
After that, a little bit of walking and then we were there! (We came from the left).

I wrote the address below for your convenience if you'd like to go as well:
Cube Café 48 Abgujeong-ro 79-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
(서울 강남구 압구정로79길 48 큐브카페)
Literally almost right in front of Cube is JYP. We didn't go there though since the guys said that there was nothing to see really.
The interior of Cube Café was kept in light colours with big windows providing light. It was kind of refreshing.

Here, too, did they have TV screens showing music videos and interviews with idols from their company, albeit to a much smaller extent than SM.
We sat down at the table closest to the counter from where we could admire the food and drinks being sold before placing our own order.
We got a little buzzer that would go off once our order was ready. I had this super delicious strawberry milkshake and from what I remember, the price was totally affordable.

After finishing his, Philip wanted one more drink and while waiting for it to be done, we had some fun with Camilla's snapchat.
For every pictures she took they'd inch just a tad closer until this happened..
After this, we went to Myeongdong. The guys wanted to do something else (I think looking for shoes for John) so I went shopping with Camilla. In an H&M I succeeded in unintentionally couple dressing with.. a hanger hahahh.

Back at the hostel we decided to be lazy and just order something. The guys were the ones who ordered and they picked jjajangmyeon (짜장면 = black bean noodles) and fried chicken.
Our food was delivered pretty quickly and after some time, the delivery guy came back to pick up the plates.

Bangjoo, Jinbo, and the Spanish girls wanted to go party in Hongdae (홍대) that night and had invited us to join. John and Philip went with them while Camilla and I stayed home.

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