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[Review] - Dark Brown Bob Short from Wigaholics!

Helloooo everyone!

Taking a break from my busy essay-writing schedule I'm here today to share with you a post that's special to me for two reasons.
First of all this is going to be my first full wig review (if not my first wig review at all) and secondly this is actually an expanded version of my entry for Wigaholics' 'Review A Wiga Wig For A REWARD' competition in back in March that I ended up being one of two winners of.
It could be because we might only have been the two of us following the steps correctly to participate. Idk. But SHhHhhHhhhh...

So let's get straight to the point!
The wig I'm going to review today is is called Dark Brown Bob Short 25cm, which I of course bought from Wigaholics.

The first thing I'd like to talk about is
The reason I ordered this wig was because I was doing a cosplay for a big convention. A week before the con I received a message from the eBay seller that I had bought a wig from, saying that all of his packages were being held back at the postal office. Owh .____. Desperate for a new wig I decided to go on Wigaholics' website as I had earlier had a good experience when receiving another wig from them.
So I placed my order, the day after I received a mail that my wig had been sent out with DHL, and 4 days later I could pick it up from my local post office. Another thing that I really enjoyed was that I could follow my package if I wanted to - which I did - by receiving a text every time my package was handled somewhere. T'was pretty cool if you ask me.


My first reaction when touching this was an overly excited "Oh my gosh it's so fluffy!"
It is also really really soft most likely due to the texture. When I got mine it was styled with tiny tiny crimps both on the outer layer but especially on the inner layers as well.

Mine was a bit messy in the top when I opened the bag so I decided to brush it out a little - Do NOT make that mistake unless you want your wig the be twice or thrice the size. It was never my intention to make it bigger than it already was... I ended up spending a long time straightening the many layers to flatten it again. And even then it never really ended up completely straight. I'm sure it's possible to make it straight - I just hadn't time to work on it more.
It doesn't seem to tangle easily except for the ends which, due to the styling, can look a bit messy. Even if you're planning to keep the crimps I'd still recommend straightening the ends to make it look less 'wild'.

And let's not forget the inside cap of the wig!
Well, there isn't much to say about it... It's like the typical generic cap constructions. If you look close you can see that there's a see-through plastic/rubber like circle at the very top. I believe this is so that you won't see the lace if you decide to move the parting.


As you could see in the pictures above, the wig seems to have a deep, slightly cool brown colour from afar but close up you can tell that its colour is a result of mixing normal brown and super dark brown strands. This creates highlights/low lights to make the wig look more realistic.

The pictures here were taken in direct sunlight, making the wig appear more shiny than it is in real life. As you will see in the pictures below of my wearing the wig it appears more matte, which also isn't correct since I took those in really bad lighting. I'd say it's more shiny than matte though but not enough for it to look too fake.

I literally had to take 99 pictures before I was happy with just a few pictures because I was working in bad lighting, took pictures with the front camera of my phone as taking pictures without being seeing myself ended up disastrous, and was about to go to class ㅠㅠ
I apologize for the slightly weird looking photos!

As always when ordering a wig from Wigaholics I got a wig stand, bobby pins in a random colour, a wig brush, and a wig cap - all for free. The wig also came in a clear resealable plastic bag which I store it in to avoid it getting tangled with my other wigs and to protect it from dust.

If you're new to wigs then fear not for on the back of the wig cap is a pictorial instructions as to how to put it on before wearing the wig.

So as I wrote in the beginning, I originally bought this wig for cosplay but several people thought it was my own hair and were surprised when I told them it was not. I won't be using it for every day use though since I personally only wear wigs for photo shoots and cosplay.
The wig was exactly as I had expected and it really saved my cosplay - I do not have any pictures of that yet though as I would have liked to cut the wig a bit more but sadly I didn't have the time for it.
One of the conditions to participate in the competition was that we had to give our wigs up to five stars. I gave mine 4/5 (I would have given 4½) because the only downside was that it was so thick that I had to trim and flatten it a bit to suit my small face.

If you're interesting in getting this wig as well, you can get it HERE.

Wigaholics are still new (they started up last fall/winter) and actually were kind enough to sponsor me another wig (that I have yet to find time to write about).
I'd like to show my gratitude for giving me a chance although just I'm a smaller blogger by sharing the links to their social network accounts below for you to check out

This post is NOT the sponsored one (I still have to find time to write that one) but simply a normal review an a great wig.
But if it can help them just a tiny bit, I'd like to post the links to their social accounts below. Check them out! (^ᴗ^)

Wigaholics' website
Facebook page

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