Friday, June 3, 2016

How To Avoid Overpacking - Suitcase Essentials

We're three days into summer and for some of us that means going overseas.

I too am going overseas in just a few days actually!
This time I'm going by myself but whenever I have gone overseas before with friends or family, I have always gotten a question or two about how I managed to pack so little.

I usually just shrug my shoulders and leave it at that but the truth is that many of them tend to bring whatever they THINK they'll need, thus over packing, while I have a written list of what I need.

All the items listed down are things that I have either used or realized that I needed for my next trip - meaning that nothing here is something I'd be without. In short, following this list allows me to travel lightly and not risk over packing.

A lot of thought goes into creating such a list so for your convenience I'm going to share mine.


My summer packing list!

      Clothes: No more than number of entire days away (outfits) + one outfit to travel in + 1 T-shirt to sleep in + 1-2 nicer dresses depending on length of stay. Use my own example: This time I will spend 11 days in Korea meaning I will bring at max 11 outfits, 1 outfit for when traveling to/from Korea, 1 sleeping T-shirt, and maybe 1 nice dress. Remember not to fold but roll your clothes when you pack (saves space and prevents creasing). Do also try to bring items that you can mix so you can use one bottom for 2-3 outfits.
      Socks: No more than number of days away (pairs) + 2-3 additional pairs. This time my trip is short so I'll bring 8-9 since I'll be wearing open shoes.
      Underwear: Here I only pack light coloured bras since I can use them under anything. 1 bra lasts at least 3 uses. For bottoms: 1 pair per day + 2-3 extra. 
      Shoes: 1 pair of bathing shoes (plastic shoes that handle water well) + 1 pair of open shoes + 1-2 pair(s) of walking shoes. Find the pair of shoes that take up the most space and wear them while traveling. Also, stuff the shoes in your luggage with socks or small items to keep track of them and save space.
      Towels: 1-2 small or check if your hotel/hostel/place of stay have any available. My hostel has towel available for free so I won't be bringing any. 
      Plastic bags: 1 for used underwear + 1-2 resealable plastic bags for potentially leaking products + maybe 4 extra for dirty shoes. After having experienced a moisturizer explode twice in my luggage, I now put all of my liquid products (lens solution, soaps, make-up like bb creme and eyeliners) in a resealable plastic bag.
      Shaving cream + razors. I usually wax my legs before leaving for vacation but bring this anyways as a safety measure. I bring 1-2 disposable razors that I can throw if I want more space.
      Shampoo, conditioner, bathing soap: I bought some travel friendly sized container and fill one with shampoo, one with conditioner, and one with bathing soap.
      Sunglasses + sunhat
      Toothbrush + toothpaste
      Hand mirror
      Sponges: 1 for the face to remove excess dirt + 1 for the body to scrub off my water proof sunblock.
      Toiletries: Make-up, brush, moisturizers, cotton swabs (keep them together with an elastic band or stuff them into a toothbrush holder), make-up remover, tweezers, nail file, dry shampoo, 3-5 hair ties, bobby pins, and a few hair clips.
      Lenses, glasses, eye drops, and lens solution.
      Backpack and/or shoulder bag. I don't use a wallet but keep my money in here.
      Disinfectant. Is a very useful thing to have when you are out and about all day.
      Scissors and band aids. 
      Plastic pocket. Because I like to keep receipts and tickets for memories and future blogging use.
      Health insurance card + travel insurance
      Passport + copy of passport
      Cash + debit card. This time I'll only bring my card since I had some won (Korean currency) and it's easy to find an ATM machine in Seoul.
      Notepad and ballpoint pen. To draw on and write down interesting events while my memories are still fresh. I choose a ballpoint pen over a pencil since I will never have to sharpen it.
      Slip of paper with address of the place I'm staying + a local friend's number. I like to keep this paper in my phone cover so to always have it with me.
      Camera + phone + chargers. I usually use my phone as camera but will bring my camera this time so I won't use up my phone's battery during my long layovers in China.
      Music. I like to bring my mp3 since it lasts long and doesn't use up my phone's battery + the music files won't take up precious picture space on my phone either.

【Bonus packing tips】         
      When planning what to bring I like to imagine living an entire day from when I wake up to when I go to bed - and then I try to imagine what I use. Like, after eating breakfast I brush my teeth (add toothbrush and toothpaste) and then I wash my face (add sponge) etc.
      I also like to find everything I'm bringing before packing my luggage - That way it's easier for me to visualize where to put different items. It's also prevents me from ending up with a fully stuffed bag while I continue remembering more and more stuff to bring.

That is pretty much everything I bring when traveling in the summer!
Of course what we bring varies from person to person but with the items listed above I am good to go most places. With everything listed above I usually have about 1/3 of my total space left, which I can then stuff with souvenirs or my friends' clothes.

Do you have a packing list?
What would you add/leave out? ^ㅅ^

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