Tuesday, July 5, 2016

[Review] - GEO Tri Color Violet (on light eyes)

Yesterday when looking back at some older posts that I wrote, I realized how far I have come with this blog. Back when I posted my first lens review on July 14th 2013, I wrote that I was sure that my blog would some day grow popular enough for me to do sponsored reviews but when thinking back to that time, I don't think I ever expected to come as far as I have so far.
This is not meant as bragging or to show off. I just I sincerely believe that it's important for us bloggers whether small or big to sometimes stop, take a step back, and watch how we have grown over the years.

I'd like to stop this topic here as that will be for another post that I promise will be up soon.
Instead, today I want to share a review with you. One of the milestones I have reached lately is to be sponsored both wigs and lenses for reviews.
Before I start the review I would like to send a big THANK YOU to LensFlavors who reached out to me a little over two weeks ago - Thank you for the lenses and giving me a chance to grow as a blogger.

Now, let's get to the review.
The lenses I will be reviewing are the GEO Tri Color Violet.
Let's go!

                       Diameter                    14.2mm
                       Water Content           : 38%
                       Base Curve                8.6mm
                       Life Span                    1 Year Disposal
                       Brand                          : GEO
                       Colour:                        : Violet


It took about 2 weeks from when I picked the lenses until they first arrived and LensFlavors were quick to respond to my request, sending out the lenses the day after.

And here you see a GEO sticker on the vial, which is to make sure that you have gotten yourself a pair of authentic lenses. To do this you'll have to scratch the silver part and get a code - I verified mine after taking these pictures~

I was already super excited when I saw the lenses in the vial. Isn't that just a lovely shade?

With my order I also received a free lens case and a mystery gift: mine happened to be one of those velcro thingies to hold your hair back while doing your make-up. The lenses were inside the red pack.

They have a beautiful beautiful violet colour that is a bit to the warm side. When worn inside they will have a more cold feel to them. The limbal ring is not solid, which makes this pair of lenses perfect as natural lenses for people with light eye colours even though they have an unatural colour in the first place. The yellow/orange spots in the middle are not as visible once worn but do help to make the lenses blend in more with your own eyes. Speaking of blending in, the lenses have a dotted design that becomes less solid the closer it gets to the pupil - another thing that makes them appear natural.
↓Here's a close up↓

As you will see in the pictures by the end of the post, they do enlarge a bit but not much. A person who's had their share of circle lens experience will probably be able to tell that you're wearing something (or, you know it could also be because your eyes have suddenly turned PURPLE) but I don't feel like they stand out much size wise. With a diameter of just 14.2mm this is to be expected.

I'm not exactly sure how to rate the comfort. As for my right eye there were no problems at all but I had troubles with the left lens every time I put it in while I was in Korea. It was thin as well, which might have made it harder but I find it weird how I didn't feel anything in my right eye. Once the left lens was in I had to move it with my finger for it to actually cover my iris and it would annoy my eye for a couple of minutes afterwards.
Otherwise I only had troubles when it was so bright outside that I had to squint my eyes all the time and when that happened, both my eyes would feel annoyed from having the lenses in.
Since extreme sunlight was the only case I had troubles with both lenses I suspect the problems with my left eye being due to my own eye being dry. I know it's possible for one eye to be more dry than the other since I experienced that when I lived in America so I won't too bad of the lenses but at the same time I can't give them 5 stars.

Please note that I got a cat hair in my eye, causing some redness in the eye to the right (Just in case one of them looks red on your screen).

One lens
Outside, sunlight
Outside, shadow

Full face photos

I'm really satisfied with these lenses and have no complaints so far. I picked them because I thought they would look very natural and even though they are violet, I don't feel like they stand out too much. Only two people commented on my eyes looking different; one because he always looks me in the eyes when we meet, and the other after I asked her if she could see that anything on me had changed.
I used them as my every day lenses while I was in Korea some 2-3 weeks ago and overall I'm quite happy with them. I'll definitely continue using them until they expire ^0^ 

If you like these lenses but worry about the color, remember that they are also available in green, brown, blue, and grey.

That was all for now. I hope you enjoyed the review!


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