Tuesday, September 20, 2016

[Review] - ELLEN 3COLOR GRAY (on light eyes)

Oh heeey there!

Today's post is going to be a lens review since Klenspop did me the honor of sponsoring a pair of lenses. Thank you, Klenspop! 감사합니다!

The lenses we'll be talking about today are the ELLEN 3COLOR GRAY.
Let's begin!

                       Diameter                    : 13,7/14 mm
                       Water Content           : 38%
                       Base Curve                8.6mm
                       Using period              6 months
                       Manufacturer            : LENSPOP
                       Colour:                       : Gray


First let's talk about shipping!
When I first wrote to Klenspop, they answered the same day and sent out the lenses about 4-5 days later since they were celebrating national liberation day in Korea around the time I contacted them. 5-6 days later they arrived here. Fast, right? When you look on their page, a K-Packet is supposed to arrive in Europe in about 20~30 days - only 10 days passed from when I contacted them until the lenses were here so I'm really impressed with this part! Also, the person I was in contact with was super sweet ^ㅂ^
My lenses came in a padded envelope and inside was a small box wrapped in bubble wrap.

The box contained both the lens vials, a lens case, and tweezers to pick up the lenses with so that the water won't get dirty from you sticking your finger in it to get the lens.
Everything you see here is something that'll come with your order of a pair of lenses ^^

Close up of the vials~ 
 And here we have the lens!
Let's see what it looks like on!

Colour   ★☆ (2½ stars)
I'm not sure how I feel about the colour and for some reason the design reminds me of a kiwi. The outer gray part blends perfectly and I mean PERFECTLY with my own blue/blue green eyes but the yellow gives them sort of a warm hue and/or even make them appear a little green, which I don't like that much (I don't mind green eyes but since they say gray I'd like them to mainly be that colour). I mean, everyone has their preferences but I prefer my gray colors to be cold. For brown- or hazel-eyed people, however, I can imagine that this would help them blend more naturally. and probably look awesome. The design itself bring a lot of attention to the eyes and a big plus for me is the limbal ring because I feel like it's both thin and light enough to not be too much all the while it gives my eyes a bit of a doll-like feel. 
↓Close up↓

There's not much for me to say about the enlargement. It says on their website that the graphic diameter is just 13,7 mm but I feel like these lenses make a huge difference! At times I can actually see the outer rim of my own eyes through the lenses but that's something I really don't mind since the lenses' design makes them blend so well.

Comfort   ☆☆
I had very mixed experiences with the comfort. Right from when I put them in in the morning of my first day of wearing them I felt discomfort in both eyes. Of course I was smart enough to find my eye drops but forget to bring them with me to school.. - - At times when I blinked my vision would become blurry and by the end of the day I had a terrible headache caused by the lenses not allowing my eyes enough air. Once I took them out I had a vague red ring around my eye where the lens had been. The next day, however, I made sure to use more eye drops in the morning. I felt no discomfort whatsoever during the day even though I didn't use eye drops at any point after putting them in.
Another day my eyes felt VERY tired after a day of wearing them to school (plus my vision was sort of blurry when I blinked) but *sigh* that day was the only day I had time to take pictures for my review, which is also why my eyes look red in the following pictures. Gaaah they were so irritated... (πーπ)
Then! Yet another night I wore them when going out to eat and I ended up getting a headache again. By this point I'm pretty sure that my problem with these lenses is that 
My eyes are not dry these days and I have been wearing my other pairs of circle lenses the previous days without problems so at this point I'm 80% sure that my problems with the lenses is that they don't allow my eyes enough oxygen.

Outside, one lens
Outdoor, both lenses
Indoor, warm light
Indoor, cold light

Full face
My eyes couldn't take wearing the lenses much longer than day so in the end this selca ended up being the only one I liked.

Overall   ☆☆
These lenses are.. honestly not some I would buy again. At the same time they are not bad enough for me to not keep wearing them until they expire. Like I said I really like the design because they make my eyes pop but I can't wrap my head around them not being more.. gray. When I asked my friends what colour lens they thought I was wearing, they said green or green-brown(?)
The design makes them natural enough for me to wear with just mascara without feeling selfconscious but rather than wearing them to school, I see myself using them for a girls' night out. That way I won't have to wear them as long... hopefully.

That was it for my review!
I hope you found it helpful ^^
Have a great day~!

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